100 points id requirement

Hi all.
How come Xinja doesn’t need 100 points of id to open an account? I only provided my drivers licence

Not complaining lol, just thought 100 points was a legal requirement.

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Welcome to the community @Danieldp! :wave:

That’s a good question :thinking: I’ll get back to you when I have an answer!

there is no “legal” requirement.
its an austrac guideline.

however its pretty standard to open a bank account with just a license these days, old legacy systems with banks that dont update much may require more, but most have changed their systems these days.

Following @Camylopez (thanks, btw :heart:): The 100 points test is an outdated regulatory reference.

We use electronic database verification instead of old school documentation-based onboarding (which required 2 forms of ID).


Thanks Fran, for the response and update to my (out-of-date) knowledge; I appreciate the effort.

So far, everything I experience with Xinja…:+1:

Love the app, hoping you can hang on to the simplicity.


David P

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Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. :smile:

David P

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What database do you verify against?