A few suggestions

Hi, I’m a newbie to this site, but not a newbie to Xinja. I’m really excited about Xinja, but there’s a couple of updates I’d like to see before I jetison my other Banks :grin:
Looking forward to setting up regular payments, but annoying thing with other Banks is the fact that I need to transfer cash from savings (stash) to transaction account each month to cover payments. It’s a pain in the arse.
Can we have something better? A couple of suggestions:

  1. Allow regular payments monthly/quarterly to debit stash;. OR
  2. Automatically transfer funds from stash to transaction account, if there is insufficient funds to cover debit. (I think I prefer this. It’s a facility that uBank offers).
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I have had my account for a little over a week now and very pleased with everything so far.
Have just EFT 2 maturing term deposits from my existing bank this morning to my stash account and i will be interested to see if the EFT transaction show this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
Just wondering if it is possible to be added as and authorised signatory to my partners Xinja accounts and vice versa?

@bennie919 Your gripe has already been covered to death on here.

There is a low interest ‘bill stash’ coming that you will be able to direct debit from (and BPay from when it’s available). The point of it is to stop having to move money into the transaction account where it may get spent accidentally.

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@Blueyfrost joint accounts are definitely on the roadmap but they’re not high priority right now - you can keep an eye one the roadmap here https://trello.com/b/DvScpL4o/xinja-roadmap :world_map: Glad everything else is going well though!

No not a joint account, just an authorised signatory on your partners account like all the other banks allow

Hiya @bennie919 various versions of this feature have been talked about extensively in the forum - you can catch up the conversation here: Get Stashing! 💰 With a 2.25% interest rate but most likely we will be rolling out :moneybag: multi stash first, then a :receipt: bills account. Per the roadmap https://trello.com/b/DvScpL4o/xinja-roadmap multi will be this quarter, then bills soon after that. And as always, we’ll update the roadmap if we have updates to this timeline :world_map:

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But allow the customer to put a limit on the maximum amount that can be transferred from stash to transaction account. Otherwise you might get a nasty surprise if some hacker creates a fake debit.

@TommyW customisation seems to be key in many of these conversations. We’ll be exploring many options before we decide if or how we offer a sweep feature :moneybag::broom: