A Fork in the Xinja Roadmap

We’ve decided to close our public roadmap on Trello. “What the….?" some will cry. “What roadmap?” will others. To read about why we opened it, why we’re closing it, and what you can expect to hear from Xinja about our plans moving forward, check out the blog here.


I went to Xinja for the innovative banking features, and have been awaiting rather standard features as NPP, BPAY and just simple recurring payments for almost a year. It is quite clear that the focus on banking is lost, towards products that are probably more lucrative, but less generally interesting (e.g. Dabble is kinda niche). Currently the banking app is half baked. Too bad, but makes it a more easier decision to move.


Honestly, hiding the roadmap seems like the only sensible course of action. There’s been a consistent pattern of over promising and under delivery that shows no sign of improving. App updates and banking features have been few and far between. If anything it has gone backward with the suspension of new stash accounts.

By contrast 86400 has consistently released new features over the same period. There’s been new banking features and app updates at least once per month and usually twice a month. It’s a far more complete product and I have no doubt they will will continue to improve.

Instead of doing one thing well the Xinja strategy seems to be to dabble (pun intended) in a bunch of different things and hope one of them works.



Hay has been the same. While they don’t have the ADI licence yet, new features to the app have been regular throughout covid and their roadmap also came out recently and looks the goods.

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Thanks for the reminder about Hay. I came across them ages and ages ago, but had forgotten about them for a while.

Just went and peaked around at them now. Seems like it could be a good product.


@yogi https://hayway.hellohay.co/


Hi @Oberon & welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks for the feedback - all understandable disappointments with delays in key Bank Account feature releases. We’re doing our best to manage priorities, and hope to have some products available in future that interest you!


Thanks, but I’ve really lost faith after this post. I do understand that you have to manage priorities, but where Xinja currently has focused its priorities does not align with my interest. While other products are cool, your main product (if banking is still your main product) does not even have basic functionality yet. For example, I still have to transfer money to other banks to pay certain (BPAY) bills! I still can’t set a recurrent transfer to pay mortgage or rent! Transfers to other banks are slow! I really wanted it to work, but I haven’t seen much improvement. I can’t wait another year.