Accessing the app (first impressions)

I’m new to Xinja and have been logging out each time I’ve finished with the app. This has caused some difficulty in that each time I attempt to log in again, the app asks me for my email address, sends me an email and then asks me to log in from the email.

I’ve since found out that I shouldn’t actually log out as the app nevertheless protects my privacy and asks me for my Touch ID when I revisit the app.

However, can I not log out and simply have the app ask for me identifying credentials without having to go through the above? It looks as though the app development is an ongoing process but I’m more than happy to sit back and watch Xinja develop.

A response to the above, though, would be good just so I know this initial log in process can be improved.

Thanks guys.


Hey @Eziv, this was discussed on another post here:

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Hi @wjia26 and @corno

When you log off, do you currently click on the profile icon then hit sign out every time?

If so this, this signs your account out of the app completely. This is why it bring up the welcome screen and the animation with the balloon again. You’re right the animation on this screen is quite long, and having to do email verification is a pain.

Also lol, it really is like waiting a game to load.

Another option is that you can wait for the app to “lock”. If there is no activity on the app for 2 minutes (e.g you turn off the screen or leave the app), we will automatically lock the app for you. In locked state, you only need to use touchID, faceID or PIN (depends on your settings) to access your account again. - Compared to signed out state when you need to enter you email, do email verification and enter passcode.

So, if you want an easy unlock experience, currently the best thing to do is to not tap the sign out button and just wait for the app to time out.

However we understand that not all users might be comfortable leaving their banking app “unlocked” for 2 minutes. Possibly we can look at implementing a “soft lock” or “soft log out” button, alongside the “total sign out” button.

Please :heart: if this functionality would appeal to you.

Hi Eziv,

You and @karvy are right. If you just close the app you have full security - ie: you get back into it with your passcode or biometrics - pretty much like any other banking app.

You’re not the only person finding the magic link and current sign out process a pain… we ARE getting rid of it but it will take us a couple of months, hopefully less.

Thanks for sharing @Eziv

Thanks guys for the response. I’ll not log out and let it auto-lock until there’s a conventional fix. It’s all looking good. I read elsewhere of bugs and annoyances with the display, but I’m sure things will be ironed out in due course.

You can also close the app down in iOS (i.e. double click on the home button and swipe the app away) without logging out. Doing it this way will still leave you logged in but the app has been closed down. Because you didn’t log out, when you reopen the app, it will only ask for your touch ID without taking you back through the full sign-in process again.