Account is frozen with over $2k in it! Someone please help!

Whenever i try send or receive a transfer, nothing happens! If i transfer any money to a different account, it says that the transaction was successful and gives me a receipt number but no money comes out of my account and the account i transfer to doesnt receive the payment. I have tried multiple amounts to multiple different bank accounts all with the same issue! Someone please help! I am afraid that my money is now just stuck in this account without being able to get it back out! It would be nice if there was customer support on weekends! I can’t believe that Xinja has NO ONE working over the weekend for customer support! Up Bank has live chat support 7 days a week until 12am every night! But Xinja can’t even provide any customer support whatsoever over the whole weekend… Sure good way to fall behind your competition Xinja! Disappointing!

Hi @Julien, again - I’m sorry to hear you have been having these issues!

As our customer base and resources grow, we’ll certainly be looking to extend out support channels to 7 days a week. In the meantime, now that we are online please jump on of the following support channels and we’ll take a closer look into what’s happening with your account.

  • Live in-app chat (top right hand corner of the main page of your Xinja app, this one is easiest!)
  • Over the phone on 1800 946 527

Yes i have spoken with them… Now they’re asking me for all these documents. The only reason i opened an account is because i lost my wallet and had to create a new bank account anyway so i don’t have a drivers license until i receive my replacement ID which can take up to 10 business days so now, i have on money to live off for the next week or more! Very very disappointing! I wish i never opened this account! If I hadn’t have i wouldn’t have to try get by for more than a week with literally $0 You shouldn’t be allowed to do this to people! It may not seem like a big deal to you but to me it is! When i finally get MY money back, i will never use Xinja again! I really don’t understand why i need to supply more documents than what was needed when i opened this account! Its ridiculous!

Hi @Julien we do ask for additional ID like proof of address (like a utility bill) or another photo id (like a passport) in special circumstances where we need to be certain of someone’s identity or when something else about the account has triggered the check. However, we do work as fast as we can to resolve these situations to get money to people as soon as possible.

Yeah well hopefully everyone see’s this as a warning that Xinja will block your account after depositing your money into for the first time and then will have no way of accessing their money if its over the weekend at least and then will demand all this additional documentation before restoring access to the account… I was then informed by one of the customer support staff that Xinja could just close my account without warning if they wanted to! I’ve been made to feel like I have done something wrong and am being punished financially for no reason whatsoever other than opening a new account and depositing my money into it! Disgusting!!! You should be ashamed of yourself Xinja!

Unless you want to be treated like a criminal and have your account blocked without reason or warning, leaving you with NO money, DO NOT open an account with Xinja! All of the other Neobanks offer a much better option! Up Bank have live customer support until 12am 7 days a week, they also have PayID… Why anyone would chose Xinja over Up Bank is beyond me. I just wish i had this warning before i signed up!!!

Hi Julien.
I read your warning and took it seriously enough to go and check out Up bank.
There are many reviews of Up bank which say just what you are saying about Xinja. Unfortunately I think any business can make mistakes and then we customers suffer. I moved from ANZ to NAB after ANZ did something I didn’t like, only to have NAB do something far worse.
I’m with Xinja because there’s a debit card that doesn’t charge for foreign transactions - like Up bank - and a high interest rate with no conditions - unlike Up bank.


Hi @Julien - we do need additional ID sometimes in order to verify identity and protect customers - something that proves where you live and a photo that we can match to a photo on other ID. Our deputy CEO Andy Rigg would like to speak to you to help sort this out as soon as possible. However, I don’t have access to your identity (this forum is confidential of any specific customer details etc). Could you send me a DM with your phone number and I’ll get him to call you or I can send you his phone number so you can call him? To DM me just tap on my profile pic and the ‘Message’ option comes up. For your own safety, please don’t post your number directly into this forum thread.

No customer support after hours or weekends
No PayID
Blocking accounts for no reason leaving customers with no money
and I’m sure the list probably goes on! For me, each one of those downfalls individually is enough to make Xinja not as good as Up!

Hi @Julien just confirming we may block accounts if we believe there’s been a breach of the terms and conditions and we do require additional identity. Our deputy CEO Andy Rigg is happy to speak to you to fix this asap however please DM me your mobile number so he can call you or DM me and I’ll give you his number - whichever suits.

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It seems to me that Xinja IS responding to your posts but you do not appear to acknowledge this at all?


Hi there

I’m not suggesting you’re not experiencing problems but I’d like to point out that although I haven’t been with Xinja very long after migrating from one of the biggest of the Big 4 I have not had a single issue with my bank account or Stash. Transferring in and out

Freedom of choice enables us to choose based on our own individual needs.

I hope you get sorted. By taking advice offered.


Hi everyone, just to let you all know, the problem has now been resolved… Now that it is finally all over, I just want to say that I probably over-reacted a little bit… That’s not to say that I don’t still think it was incredibly inconvenient and that it was really unfair to block my account with all of my money in it with no warning or even a reason after the fact, but while Mathew the customer service guy handling the matter couldn’t just unblock it for me like I asked and expected, he did handle it with a sense of urgency, trying to get my documents verified before the end of the day today so I wouldn’t have to wait all weekend for access to my account and he actually sent me the confirmation email after their regular work hours…

So in summary, I still think that was incredibly unfair and very inconvenient… I think they need to come up with a way to incorporate security but at the same time ensure that a customer isn’t left with no access whatsoever to ALL of there money. Whether that’s restricting withdrawals/debits to $50 or $100 per day for the first week, or only allowing purchases from supermarkets, I’m not sure! but there needs to be something for said customer to survive off.

@CaptainXinja Sorry i have only just now seen your response… I only came back on here once after posting. I appreciate the deputy CEO wanting to speak with me and to sort it out ASAP, while I think he would have just told me the same thing and wouldn’t have made the process any quicker, I am impressed that he is willing to ‘get his hands dirty’ so to speak and deal with a complaining customer. Most CEO’s wouldn’t even consider dealing with something like this themselves, but I believe it’s things like that which make the best CEO’s

I wish the best for Xinja, but I think I will be moving on to another bank… Perhaps I will come back in 6 months or 1 year and give it another go! But for now, I think they still have a lot to work on to compete with what some other banks are offering. Thankyou everyone!


Nice post @Julien

Money is an emotive thing, especially when you can’t access it! At the end of the day it belongs to you and in my opinion that gives you the right to react however you want.

I don’t think banks should be allowed to accept deposits into an unverified account at all. Had that been the case your cash would have been safely in your other bank until Xinja was ready for you, and Xinja wouldn’t have lost another customer.


Sorry, but, I’m just going to come right out and say this … Publicly voicing your issues, concerns and displeasure of Xinja is your perogative, however, doing so across 3 separate posts, over 3 days in a row, is just really unnecessary … Yes, I feel your despair with not having access to your own money, but - you have already, very clearly, told the whole of Australia, that Xinja doesn’t offer support over the weekends, so you submitting multiple posts on everyday of the weekend, just renders your efforts absolutely pointless, and does nothing more than show all Xinja customers that all you’re doing is having a good old whinge…

Xinja is not the only party at fault or the only ones to blame … you share a part of it too … because , let’s face it … in today’s day and age, particularly with cyber hacking on the rise, who even keeps all their ‘cookies in the 1 jar’ so to speak?

Sorry! Clearly you do - so you are as much to blame for this very unfortunate incident happening to you because you put yourself in this situation … You need a better plan for your finances mate …!

PS - Agreed. Up services are better in ways that they offer more services and options for control over your finances, BUT … Revolut still trumps all 3 Neobanks so far, for 2 reasons…

  1. They offer a ‘Payment Link’ option that customers can send to people, requesting for money, while providing the option for Payee’s to make said payments online immediately using their credit card.

  2. They provide customers the ability to make immediate deposits into their Revolut account via a ‘Top-Up’ - much like you would do when recharging a prepaid mobile phone number…

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Yeah mate, I’m the first to admit I was having a good ol’ whinge! Isn’t that what your doing right now? Only difference is, I had something to whinge about! By the way, two of those post were mine and perhaps I should not have made 2 but to use your analogy, I wasn’t putting all of my ‘cookies in the 1 jar’!! At the time, I was very eager to talk with someone from Xinja and as they’re support via the app is closed on weekends, my hope was that someone would respond on here…

As for the 3rd post you talk of, that was simply me replying to someone else’s with my own experience… Which forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly sure is the whole point of a forum…

And I agree with you was silly of me to transfer all of my money to the one account but to suggest I’m as much to blame for it as Xinja i think is pretty stupid… As another user pointed out, Xinja shouldn’t allow people to open/deposit into unverified accounts… I suspect if they had to verify accounts before allowing deposits into them though, there would be a lot less people opening accounts.

As for Revolut, they’re not even opening new accounts so to me, they are the worst!


PS… I was just awarded the user of the month badge… Soo, I can’t be doing too badly!

Revolut doesn’t have a banking license from APRA and therefore isn’t covered by the Financial Claims Scheme were they to fold.

They are not a bank, so no, they don’t trump any neobank.

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Congratulations! :+1:

I never claimed that Revolut was a Bank… and like you said, they are not a Bank so of course they wouldn’t have a banking licence from APRA… BUT they are ASIC Approved & Regulated, governed by the Corporations Act and they do hold an AFSL which requires them to meet certain ‘financial obligations’.

Oh that’s good news @Julien ,

Glad to hear you have sorted it out, and can understand the frustrations, as @brett mentioned money can make us emotive especially when we need access it to get us to work, foods ect.

If you need bank recommendation then drop me a DM message, But other than that buddy have wonderful day and glad you got your situation sorted.

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