Add On Cards - Debit Card Account

I have looked back through the questions and cannot see a similar question, so hope that this has not been asked before.

Is there an ability for me to request an additional card on the same account (Debit Card Account) so that I can provide a card to my spouse? I did ask this question when the Pre-Paid card first came out and was told it would be a feature of future cards when you became a bank. You are now a bank and we have that future card.

I don’t see it as a feature on the Trello Board and am not aware if it something that is offered on my new card account now…?


BTW I love the Pink Card - it really stands out.


Hey @AngusCS - thanks for that :ninja_emojis_pink_03: - joint accounts are in the plan - haven’t made it to the trello roadmap as they are months away…however you are not alone in requesting them so what happens as requests increase, we reevaluate the timeline. So it could be brought forward…we’ll let the forum know first…but no date as yet.


@AngusCS although joint accounts are not an option yet, technically either you or your spouse can have the card loaded up on Apple or Google Pay, while the other can use the physical card.

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Hey @brett & @AngusCS tempting though this may be, this is technically a breach of the card contract (to let someone else use your card) :slightly_frowning_face: - we’d better hurry up and get joint accounts organised! Cam

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@CaptainXinja you better, although there are many more things that need to come first.


@CaptainXinja - Are we talking about the same thing? I don’t need a Joint Account necessarily, but I do want to be able to give someone else a card with which they can undertake transactions on an account for which I am the Authorised Representative. This could be a spouse, child, business partner etc. Only one name on the account, but multiple cards (all with their own view of the transactions as it would be linked to a card number). Gus


got it :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

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No I see what you mean. We have considered multiple cards for families etc. It’s not in the immediate roadmap but we are looking at it. We’ll start updating the roadmap with additional features/facilities soon as we sort out the order. Many thanks!

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Any idea when this will happen? I really don’t want to open another account, but right now only having my name on the account and no ability to give my wife an add on card is causing me issues. We did not have any accounts that are not shared. This one is different.

Hey @AngusCS we’ve shared your suggestion - don’t have a timeline on this yet as we’ve got a heap on our roadmap. We’ll keep you updated here if there’s any news. Appreciate the feedback :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Another similar use case - we would like to put our stash account in the name of the partner with the lower tax rate, but give us both access to it to top up our transaction account which may or may not be in joint names. Flexibility is the key, and paying less tax on interest.

Hi and welcome to the Xinja Community @cgol :tada: that’s an interesting idea! I’m not 100% sure how this would or could work but I’ll chat to the team as part of our broader plans for joint accounts.

Lets write it as a user story:

As a couple we would like to keep our stash savings in the name of the lowest income earner so that we pay less tax on the interest.

This could be reworded functionally as:

As a stash account holder I would like to allow another Xinja account holder to transfer money to and from my stash.

How are you going with this? I need a secondary card for my wife.

Hiya @AngusCS secondary cards are not currently on the time line - we are exploring them but we’re focusing on getting a stack of other features out for now.