Adding support for more digital wallets

Since Xinja is a neobank- I think having more support for other nfc based payments systems is essential. I currently only have a Garmin watch, and a Huawei phone without support for Google Pay; so I rely on the physical card. I think adding support forGarmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and Samsung pay would be a good idea. I would think their application process is quite straight forward as a bank, but I’m not too sure. I love Samunsg pay as they also support MST, which works not only on paywave, but alot of other terminals without paywave, as it transmitts a wireless signal to the swipe magnetic strip sensor. :smile:

You can get Garmin, Fitbit and Samsung Pay at 86400 or Up. Apple Pay and Google Pay cover the majority of people so given Xinja extremely limited resources I would suggest they not spend time on these extra digital wallets but focus on the 101 banking basics missing like BPay and NPP.

Yeah, with half a billion dollars worth of investments, you would be thinking they would have already developed the basics during the one year that they’ve been active.

@zen Xinja have only raised about a $100m since inception. The widely reported and hyped up $400+ million from the Middle East has not actually happened yet and who knows if it will or will not happen. If Xinja can pull it off then all credit to them but I’d suggest it’s unlikely given markets have changed and Xinja has a very high valuation vs peers and has delivered very little vs peers and it’s now deleted roadmap. In the series D docs Xinja should have already launched home loans by now and having delivered fully featured banking be moving into business lending and new offshore markets next year. Zero chance of that happening. Dabble Share trading could be the big positive if Xinja can get it launched soon. Fingers crossed for them because it must be tough seeing the likes of up and 86400 speed ahead over the last 12 months.

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I totally agree,

Hopefully they can make the right decisions priority wise to pull in more users, and to gain a positive and legitimate profit. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: