AMA - Thomas Vikstrom - founding Tesla engineer & Xinja board member

Hello peeps - the wonderful Thomas Vikstrom is in town and will be joining Eric (Wilson - our CEO) for a fireside chat this coming Thursday (12th September). Thomas was one of the founding engineers at Tesla and he advises Xinja on tech, tech stack and process engineering. He’s a bit of a rockstar (and looks like one!). Anyway, if you’d like to ask him a question, please just respond here and he’ll answer as many as he can. We’ll be livestreaming the chat on facebook so you can watch it too @xinjamoney! 6pm Thursday 12th Sept.

What is different about Xinja’s tech stack compared to the big banks? How will this deliver a competitive edge and allow Xinja to innovate faster than the competition?

(Side question: I rsvp’d using the form in the email and it looks like it submitted ok but I didn’t receive any confirmation. How do I know if I have a spot? Thanks)

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Hi @benzy - thanks for the question and we’ll confirm re Thursday via email :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

According to Dr Google their is in fact a real rockstar Thomas Vikstrom ( Swedish vocalist) with a bunch of albums…same person ???

1 Why SAP when mostly associated with the large encumbrance banks like CBA

2 How does he see Xinja’s progress relative to other new banks in the US ( I assume he is based there)

  1. Will Tesla ever make a profit ( cheeky but since he has left )

  2. His other projects - blockchain for payments ( just looking at his LinkedIn) ?

  3. Footy team ?

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Thanks @T_Armer - not the same person but you can understand my deliberate ambiguity :wink: but he actually DOES look like a rockstar! Great questions! Thank you!

We just returned from a 14 weeks trip in Asia and Europe. We did use Xinja and it saved us a lot of money in “currency transaction” fees. I am sure that most people are not aware how much some banks rip of travellers with various fees and charges. We found that the Xinja card could be used in all countries we visited and we could pay in local currency. The app provided us with the cost in A$ straight away. The currency conversion fee was refunded later. We also found that topping up was very easy, fast and reliable. I believe that every travel office in Australia should make their customers aware of Xinja.

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Thank you so much for that feedback @duststorm :blush: We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed using your Xinja card abroad. Hope you had a great trip! :earth_africa: