Android app feedback


Hey this is just my feedback from the ANDROID APP for XINJA

UI is quite friendly, I’m sure there will be a passcode or fingerprint scan required to access the app so there’s no need to touch onto that. How the UI is layered tho is quiet nice it tells me the purchases I’ve made and where and if I can split it or not. The application itself is still quite laggy for me on my HUAWEI MATE 10 Pro.


Thanks for your feedback @Tyyeerr - will pass this onto the app team!


Hi Xinja’s,
I have used the Android App twice and had difficulty logging in both times, it seems to go straight to the “OOPS! This hasn’t quite worked” message. It took 4 attempts to get into my Xinja account from my email account. I definitely don’t want to have to open my Xinja account from my email account every time I log in. That’s dumb. In my opinion there is opportunity for big improvement here to keep it simple and log into Xinja from the Xinja App.


Can I only top up in whole dollars?

I am testing out the card and want to pay a precise amount ending in 8 cents, but the app won’t let me use the decimal point.


@yogi I tried the same thing yesterday. At this point in time it seems that the amount loaded onto the card needs to be in whole dollars. I’m sure they will change this in time.


@yogi & @mmees - yes that’s the case - we’ve not had a request for a down to a cent top up before but will ask the team how hard? Thanks for the feedback! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Hi @R3sumarX
We recreated a similar issue for another customer and believe it’s being caused because the link is being opened in your default browser.

You need to stop your default settings from opening the web browser, and open the Xinja app instead. If you go to your app management settings and clear defaults in your browser it should resolve it.

If this doesn’t work, try deleting the app and reinstalling it to prompt it to open when you follow the link.

Let me know how you get on. If you’re still having issues, let me know here or contact us on 1800 946 527 (or +61 2 8598 8525 if overseas) or email us


Received my Beta card some time ago but only started using it in late December not long after the Android app dropped.

I have to say I was expecting big things from Xinja but so far it hasn’t really impressed me too much. Yeah the app looks nice, but functionality wise it offers a list of transactions, the ability to lock a card and to request money…and that’s it. Am I missing something here?

And the card itself? The colour is a little over the top and the gimmicky glow in the dark thing just attracts dirt so the card looks filthy after only a months use.

So at this point there is a major lack of functionality in comparison to my usual bank, which does everything in the Xinja app plus a whole lot more.


Downloaded and working fine on a Samsung Galaxy S8. One minor quibble so far in setting up a topup card, as soon as you enter any characters it pops up the red validation square saying its not a valid number. It might be friendlier if that didn’t appear until you’ve entered the whole card number? Same for expiry date.

Apart from that minor thing it seems to be working well so far. Looking forward to trying out purchases. Obviously functionality pretty limited right now but keen to see what you bring in the future!


Hi @brett Brett - so sorry for slow response - I missed this - the app is in early stages so we don’t have many features yet and are planning to roll out a lot more with the bank account this year (subject to our getting a licence). The features currently on android are:
daily spend total
list of transactions with categories
transaction detail (in both currencies if overseas or online international purchase)
card lock
in app chat - ability to request money as you say or specifically split cost (amongst as many people as you want and it calculates amount automatically or you can amend -vid here

The only other thing to mention for now is the fact that it makes for a good travel card (as Xinja don’t charge international ATM fees and refund 100% of currency conversion fee) or card for online purchases.

As to the glow in the dark card, we discontinued these for a couple of reasons not least because the glow in the dark paint got dirty (it comes up nicely with baby wipes but who has time for that!) - it was a bit of an experiment/gimmick as you say. We’ve got a new card now so if you’d like one just reach out on chat in the app/call and we’ll send you a new one. We’ve just completed the designs for the bank account card which we think will be a significant upgrade.

We deliberately built and launched the beta app early - before many features - with the prepaid card so as to get building and testing and get input along the way. We got our banking licence (restricted) in December so that puts us on a path to develop a bank account (not just a prepaid card) that will deliver a much richer experience. The reality is building the foundations of all of this takes significant time and budget, but the platform we’ve implemented is highly flexible and will allow us to accelerate over time.

We are hoping to bring out some additional features on the prepaid card that we’re looking at now, and as I say (subject to our getting a full banking licence) we’re full steam ahead on the bank account itself which will have a lot of the hygiene features you’d expect from a banking app plus others of our own.

So if monitoring your daily disposable income spend or the international benefits are relevant, then do order a new (less dirty) card and carry on using it - otherwise we’ll be sure to announce any new features plus progress on the bank account itself and you can try it again then.

We do appreciate candid feedback so thanks for taking the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @tasmarshall Tom! Yes - that preempting of the error bugs me too! I’m putting that in as a request to see if we can change that. Do try out (split bill and request payment - video here) as well and remember it’s good for international purchases (we refund 100% of currency conversion fee) and travel if you’re going overseas. :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Would be great if the app did a short vibrate upon a successful top up (and also on successful transfers, BPay payments etc. when the transaction account go live)


Thanks @brett - I will pass onto our app team!


Finally, just made first purchase. Go me!

Went pretty well, I think. Put some money in the account, that was quick. Paid for a US based thing (horrid exchange rate) that said credit card and it said accepted the typed numbers, so that was good. Will see what happens next.




Found a feature in the Android app. If you go to Top Up > Top Up Via Card. There is a screen that says “your new balance will be $21.15” well meant to say that but the app doesn’t round it to 2 cents it shows $21.149999 instead.



Thanks @XinjaPat, I’ve logged this bug with our App team :+1: Thanks for letting us know!


App works fine on my phone - Huawei Mate20 Pro.

One odd thing I noticed was the look of the Transaction Detail Screen. It’s just a minor cosmetic thing, the slight transparency just looks wrong. Almost looks like screen burn.


Hi @xinjamood, so we can get our app team look into this for you, are you able to provide a screenshot pls?


@nanoxinja sure, the white text in the background just looks a bit odd especially towards the bottom