Android app feedback


Yep, i would like to he able to set up a quick 4 digit code to get in. Although i have a passcode on my phone, I’m unlocking it so many times a day I’m sure it would be easy enough for someone to see what my code is, where as I’m more careful when unlocking one of my banking apps.


Also, maybe I’m just missing it, is there a way to re-categorize transactions? I.e it shows as “atm” but i want to call this “food” as this is where i spent the money


Hi Clare - we’re looking into alternative secure login options for our bank account launch (estimated mid 2019, depending on getting our full banking licence). Here’s a previous thread on biometrics vs. magic link. What option would you like to see?


Hi @ClareSteph great minds! We’re looking into more granular categorisation of expenses for our bank accounts (expected mid 2019, pending getting our full license), than we have currently in the prepaid card. We’re looking into a few options, including user flagging and AI to help train the system.

Here’s a previous thread on user’s tagging categories. We are going to be providing more granular categories, but what do you think of instead of categories being variable/changeable - that users add tags? So tags are user controlled and could be anything (car, kids, holiday) etc. We’re thinking a combination of categories and tags?

Interested @ClareSteph, apart from food do you have any other categories you would be helpful to tag more specifically e.g online retailers into actual spend?

Here’s another thread on categories and possible nudges to prevent spending in certain impulse areas - also an area we’re looking at.

If you want to nerd out on the AI thinking here’s a similar thread where thinking in this space has been unpacked.

Looking forward to hear from you