Android has landed! YAAAAAASSSSSSS


Android has landed! The Xinja app is now available at the Google play store!

Thanks for waiting. Go nuts @DylanJ @two_seven @T_Armer @Taue

Step 1: Register here
Step 2: Download the app at the Google play store
Step 3: Top up and get swiping!
Step 4: Give us some feedback here!


Android Roll Out

Nooooooo it’s not available in my country :sob: does the app have to be locked to Australia or can it be made available in the UK store also?


@two_seven change the country in Google Play Settings but bear in mind you can only change your country once a year :ninja_emojis_pink_02::ninja_emojis_blue_03::_ninja_emojis_turq_03::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:


Yeah I’d looked into this previously, I’m tied to the UK store right now :cry:


That sucks @two_seven :sob:


Well done team. great work !!!


Thanks @T_Armer, we appreciate the support :ninja_emojis_pink_02::ninja_emojis_blue_03::_ninja_emojis_turq_03::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:


I’ve found a work around using another Google account as my Australian account. I’ve also now registered for my card now I’m in an apartment in Sydney. Can’t wait to get it out there!!! :grin:

Is a fast track option available on my card?


Great news - up and running thanks guys.


We’ll see what we can do for you @two_seven no promises :wink:


Nice one @elGordo - glad you’re in!


That would be perfect! :heart:


Woohoo @two_seven ! You finally got the app!! #Winning!


Yup yup! Question. Do you make your cards in-house or is it outsourced? Was thinking maybe I could just pop down and pick it up, I want to get it out and about over the festive season.


I using Android on a Huawei phone. Not very uncommon I would have thought. Play store says this app is not compatible with my phone?


Hi @ever888bright - what model is your Huawei? And what is the RAM?
Let us know and we’ll look into this for you


Huawei Nova 2i 4GB thanks Xinja’s


Thanks @ever888bright - I’ve passed onto the app team


Really pleased to finally get the Android app up and running and start using the card. So far, so good!

A question for the team - I’ve seen some ads for Up bank recently and they have some nifty UI features in terms of spend tracking that would be great to see in the Xinja app, like having the logo of the organisation you’ve made a payment to come up nex the relevant payment. Also the opportunity to edit payments to give them the right name of organisation where it is not clear in the first instance instance (e.g. Cafe’s that have a different trading name for their bank). I realise Up are not independent so not in the same sphere as Xinja but would be great to see these kind of features come through in future!


@chrisbingo Yay! :smiley::smiley: Thanks for signing up to Android. Glad to hear everything is good so far! Yes, merchant logo and better transaction descriptions are on our roadmap. We’re building our bank account and debit card at the moment and will be including these features!! Please let us know if you have more feedback. We want to hear from our customers :raised_hands: