Android Roll Out

Hey Xinja’s Just wanted to say am looking forward to the Android Roll out for this afternoon or so and hopefully a smooth transition. Cheers. :grinning::facepunch:


Hey Xinja team, did this happen as planned. I’m sadly a Apple fanboy buy from a investor point of view keen to know if Android version of app is available ? Thanks


Android has landed @Taue and @anon42385786
Get amongst it

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Heya! It’s up and running now. Cheers. :grinning:

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Hey, love the app so far! Just wondering if there are any plans to receive push notifications when money is deposited or spent? I’m waiting for some money to hit the account but would be helpful to get a notification instead of checking a few times a day.
Keep up the great work team!

Hey @Aimscal - you read our mind. Yes we’re working on push notifications for the bank accounts release H1 2019! Have you any other use cases where they would be useful - apart from top ups and spend items?

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Hi. I just started using the Android app. Great interface!

One thing that would make it easier to top up is having a copy button (or ability to select text) next to the bank details so they can be copied and pasted into another bank app.

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Hi @Geffro yes that’s something we’ve got in the iOS - will find out what’s goin’ on with Android and get back to you here …thanks for the feedback! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Hey Sarah, sorry for the late reply.

Having a think over the past few weeks and using my card the only other type of push notifications that might be useful for me would be something along the lines of tips and suggestions on my spending habits?

Maybe once a month letting me know i spent $xx on dining or $xx on groceries?

I have also been wondering if there will be any way to export transaction information? I currently budget on my computer and while it is a little old school i like the manual labor of it. Is there any way to allow me to export the transactions so i can input into old budgeting systems? I use .oxf files at the moment, but even being able to print statements so i can add manually would be helpful.

I do love the card so far, can’t wait to see what comes next. Will try and keep a look out on the forums and let you know if there is anything else i can think of.

Thanks for the great work, hope you had a lovely Christmas and New years!

Kind regards,



Hey @Aimscal thanks for your suggestions. :credit_card::thinking: We’re actually looking at push notifications at the moment so great timing! We are looking at exports for our bank accounts, expected in H1 2019 pending receiving our full license. We want to make it as easy as possible to access your transactions.:sunglasses: This function may not be available day 1 but is definitely in our roadmap. Will drop theses ideas to our app team. We’re having more xinja labs :man_scientist::woman_scientist:testing sessions in the new years, so you’re welcome to give us feedback in person. We will reach out soon.

The ability to be able to export transactions to .CSV would be great!

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Thanks @Kipling - will pass onto our app team!


That should be a quick implementation BUT what would be even better is an API for importing transactions and perhaps even automating payments to other bank accounts.

I think having a feature rich API would give Xinja a niche and will help with automating a lot of tedious accounting/payroll tasks for business.

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Hi , the new XINJA card look’s great and stand out. Just made my first top up from another visa debit card and the transaction was fast and worked first time. cant wait to start using my XINJA card out in public so i can spread awareness of this great new way of banking,