Android supported devices

Hi - just tried to install the Android app and got the “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” message.

Searched here but couldn’t find your list of supported devices. Can you please publish this list?

My phone is a Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime:

No root - running MIUI 10.2.

Also if my phone will not be supported, how else can I use Xinja? Do you have a mobile website?


That seems weird that a 3 year old phone that is up to date wouldn’t be supported.
Going to have a lot of people not able to use xinja then

Would like to see xinjas answer to this

The Android version will probably be more helpful than the MIUI version.

:wave: @eepmoi Thanks for reaching out and letting us know! Our device Android device compatibility is ever evolving so we don’t have a published list at this stage… sorry! :neutral_face: To get Xinja running you will need to have a device that runs Android 7 and above. MIUI is not supported :slightly_frowning_face:

Ex MIUI user here - this is less of a Xinja issue and more of a MIUI/Region issue via google play.

If the nice people at Xinja can provide you with the APK for the app you will likely be able to install and use it directly without issue.

One of the reasons I moved on from my old device was little issues like this.

Hey everyone, thanks for the updates. My phone is on Android 6 unfortunately so it looks like I won’t be able to use Xinja.

Good point Adam re regional issues but interestingly 99% of the apps I’ve tried to install from Google Play work fine, can count on one hand the number of “unsupported device” ones.

More than happy to try with the direct apk of that’s available, otherwise I guess I’m out.

Hey @eepmoi are you able to update your OS to Android 7, we love to have you on Xinja! :smiley: We can’t supply the APK… sorry :neutral_face:

Thanks @photoxinja - I’m already on the latest MIUI for my phone which is on Android 6.

I can’t update to Android 7 without rooting and flashing a custom rom which I’m hesitant to do as it’ll likely break the security requirements for my other banking apps.

A bit disappointing that I can’t use Xinja on a relatively new phone.

@eepmoi @photoxinja

This is exactly why an online banking site, accessible from a browser is probably required. Not only is the app excluding those with older phones, but what happens as the app progresses to newer Android versions (as it likely will in time as the app develops)? Exisiting customers would likely be shut out of their bank until they purchase a newer phone.

Be interested to understand Xinja’s strategy around this.

Hey @photoxinja, any update on this? A mobile website would solve the issue. You run the risk of alienating what could be a large customer base. Xiaomi is now sold at JB Hifi, along with other Chinese brands (Oppo, Realme, Huawei etc) so if there are other restrictions besides Android version it would be good to publish them.

One other bit of feedback, it feels like you are prioritising iPhone over Android, esp with your launch only on iPhone and months before Android. I asked about considering cross platform frameworks (eg React Native) during the initial capital raising but got a generic PR answer.

I’m facing this issue right now, my android device is actually quite new and runs the latest version of Android, (Not rooted or has the bootloader unlocked), however it is completely google-free (no google play services or any google apps) and because of this and thenew bank apps heavy reliance on google services, it blocks me from even launching the app without it. So I now have zero access to my account/money. (The original pre-paid card app functioned perfectly fine). And that’s not even going into the privacy issue with giving google so much user (meta) data so freely through google play services and trackers.

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