Any special consideration for Japan ATMs?


Hopefully the right category. Japan is land of contradictions. When is a Mastercard or VIsa, not a Mastercard or Visa like the one you have, well in Japan. There are limited ATMS that support foreign cards, even with the recognised logos. It might be beyond the scope of this bank, but worth exploring. Also JCB rules in Japan, big player globally. Just sayin…


Hi Cavok, not as yet, but that’s a very good point. @CaptainXinja can you shed any light on any future plans for the land of Japan?


I don’t want it to be all about me, I travel there a lot and deal with it, but first timers and newbies might get a surprise. If it’s a tick box for Japan support great, if it mean reengineering the Japanese banking system, forget it . Japan is basically cash society in small eateries and shops. Tourist places take MC & Visa no problem. Getting cash out from ATMs for non Japanese cardholders is relatively limited. Seven Bank (7-11) and Post bank are the most reliable. A lot of other banks display Visa and MC but don’t take them, they are for domestic only. There is also this quaint system of ATMS only being open certain hours.


What are their fee’s like? Comparable at $2/$3 or much higher?


Fees, not sure, I think they follow your issuer with costs. It’s more about access than fees, for most western card holders.