App Login frustration (constructive feedback)

Hey guys,

Firstly just want to let you know that this should be taken as constructive feedback of my experience logging into the app as someone who doesn’t use Xinja as their primary account (yet)

Every month or so, rinse and repeat…

My email never seems to stay signed in so I type my email in.
Then have to verify email every time (not just use text message 2FA which Apple can auto-fill)
I open it on my computer so I don’t get out of the app then it tells me the link must be opened on your phone.
I get out of the app and go to email, verify it
you can’t use a password for access (or a password manager)
you can’t use fingerprint for access
I get my passcode wrong around 5 times and so I don’t get locked out for 24 hours decide to reset it
At which point it reminds me that my 6 digit number must contain 4 unique digits (for better or worse my iOS passcode doesn’t)
when thinking about what I would have chosen I think to myself, I bet that’s what I did so I go back and enter the correct passcode on my last attempt
only to discover I’ve typed in the wrong email and it wants me to continue with the sign up of the account I accidentally started on a previous attempt to logged in.
can’t go back and enter the correct email so I have to delete the app and redownload it
Type the correct email in and go through the verification process again.
Type the same passcode in that I just rediscovered for my accidental account and it doesn’t work…
try a couple more passcodes till I have the shits and decide to reset it
go through the reset process and it doesn’t ask me to verify via email… it sends me a text message verification (which Apple auto-fills!) - Hooray!
Type in my passcode and I’m in (it’s only taken me half an hour)

This Time…

Think to myself… it’s got to be better than this, check my security settings and I can enable Touch ID, phew!
Fingers crossed it’s easier next time!?!?!

Hey @wayno - thank you for the feedback :blush:

Every 30 days your app will reset, and require email verification & passcode to sign back in. This is to do with a backend security setting we have in place. Each bank will have slightly different platforms and processes, and this is a setting we’ve chosen to implement to protect your account from unauthorised access.

The good news is that we’re aiming to move from an email verification sign in process to mobile verification in the near future, which will make things easier for you with the Apple auto-fill setting on your device.

To save you time – if you’re ever unsure of any of your account details, like the email linked to your account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via in-app chat or over the phone on 1800 946 527 and we can confirm this with you.

I hope this helps to explain this app behaviour, and that you’ll find our new mobile verification 30 day sign in process a little less time consuming in future!

Although email auth is an annoyance and text message verification is much more convenient which I am looking forward to, I wouldn’t be without some sort of the MFA auth.

However having the application completely forget my email every month (and I would say more frequently?) is definitely more annoying, at the very least I would like to see the username field set as a native username field in iOS so that it would be compatible with password managers such as LastPass or iCloud Keychain amongst others.