Apple or Microsoft?


Having just spent 3+ hours transferring all my old files to my new laptop (by way of the cloud) it got me thinking about operating systems. For many years I had an iPhone but swore by Dell. I just never had a problem with a Dell.

Now I’m all Samsung (which poses a problem for tracking my spend on the Xinja app), but I still swear by my windows-based OS. In fact I just got myself a cool new Surface Pro.

Completely unrelated to our development of an Android app (which is still coming Q2, 2019), but still of great interest to yours truly:

What operating system do you use, and why?

Are you one of those mavericks running windows on a macbook? I want to know your story!


I use macOS High Sierra on my MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015). I will be using macOS Mojave as soon as it comes out for the public. :blush:

I had an old slow PC with Windows 7 on it prior to owning a Mac. I am not sure I’d know how to comfortably use Windows these days.

I am definitely an all-Apple person! Why? I love the design and care Apple puts into their products. As a designer myself, I find Apple products to be best suited to my needs.


I am totally OS agnostic for Desktop, Laptop, Phones. I run every platform except Chromebook and no windows phone. Including Linux. Also secured multiple ways and cloud based. Have my favorites of course. Also run virtual machines on the desktops and laptops to run alternative OS where needed.


I’m quite enjoying the Surface Pro too. Apple iPhone mostly because of the podcasting app but now google has launched their own podcasting app to sync with google homes I might have to go Android.


I used to swear Apple was a gimmick haha. And then I got a job repairing computers and promoting Apple products and eventually did my Apple Technician’s Certification. Working on Windows at home and Apple at work, it was chalk and cheese. My laptop had better specs but would crash, break, go slow, be difficult to manage and a pain. Apple, for lack of a better phrase, “just seemed to work” and I was able to be super productive on the Apple work computers. And so I bought a MacBook Pro and loved it.

I still wasn’t sold on the iPhone and bought the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in 2010 with the best specs on the market (at the time). Loved it, was able to do so much that the iPhones weren’t. And after about 18 months it stopped working. It lagged so much I could hardly make a phone call. And my dad offered me his old 3G iPhone. Reluctantly I used a 3.5 year old iPhone and “it just worked”. It was smooth, fast, super simple and synced like a charm with my MacBook Pro.

Both times it was like coming out of a dark room and finding these amazing tools right there. I suppose the simplicity, integration and reliability of both hardware and software converted me into a loyal die hard Apple “fanboy”.
But in saying so, my 2013 13" Retina runs like a gun. It handles 4k video like a charm, used to run my AI uni assignments faster than 2016 Windows laptops and with Parallels runs faster than my beefed up work (Windows) desktop. Without jinxing myself, I haven’t had an issue in 5 years on my little Retina :ok_hand:


So far into Apples Ecosystem it’s kind of scary. Used to use windows as my first pc.
Then got a Mac and don’t think I’d ever go back. But I have got a big appreciation of Microsoft as a company and the services it can offer. It’s Dynamics CRM and cloud computing have come forward in leaps and bounds


I take great delight in turning off Microsoft Exchange servers and migrating people to cloud. I am not sure what relevance Microsoft has any more. I rate suppliers by after sales service. MS is not great. I swear it’s probably easier to get people off crack, than getting them off Outlook.

If you like dynamics and MS, you expand your horizons and look at Salesforce and GSUITE.


I’m a Windows user when it comes to PCs, but only because I’m a PC gamer. If I had to choose my favourite OS, it’d be macOS X. I do have an iPhone and tbh I love it, it just works! That’s the beauty of Apple, it just works. I do like tweaking things, but that usually is a symptom and an answer to the issues that a fragmented platform like Windows or Android offers.


Need to break the myth about iPhones and PCs too. They have nothing to do with each other. Some people think you have to plug the two together. You don’t. EVER. So PC and iPhone user is a working combo.


Thanks for the detail answer my man! I play a lot of games as well so that might be another thing to consider. Are you a designer by any chance?


Ahhh a fellow designer, how are the loading times for adobe when you have more than one app open on Mac? Say like, premier, photoshop and aftereffects?


To be honest I probably would have bailed to Apple years ago if it wasn’t for my precious games. I spent my early 20’s loving their designs, but cool looks don’t compare with access to 95% of the games market. So you run bootcamp?


Nah, another factor with Apple is the cost factor. I’m currently renting to own my PC (bad idea don’t do it), and being on a disability pension makes even that hard, so I’d be lost on how to get a Mac. Haha


Macs are cheapest devices you will ever own. They last. I just put an SSD into a 27 inch Mac, built late 2009 and it still goes great for office stuff. 64 Bit etc and still supported. I wouldn’t try gaming with it, that’s a whole different ball game. What people I know spend on upgrading their gaming hardware is ridiculous. You look at life of product and need. I have different machines for different reasons. Their use shifts over time, but they all work and they are all repairable and supportable. I have some PCs, not so much.


Good point there mate. I mean, if Steam releases Steam Play for macOS, I’ll switch faster than you can say “Steve Jobs was a legend”. haha


I use both as it depends on what you want to do with it. Although that doesn’t really apply to just a general user that just needs Facebook, email and some word processing, since pretty much anything can do that for them.

Growing up, I was always strictly PC, mostly due to cost but also because I am a gamer and since I work in IT (Support, Repair and Building) it just made sense. And then I finally switched from Android to iPhone (when the 5S was released) and I loved it. Got an iPad not long after that and then several years later, I got a Mac mini (due to being cheap), that rarely got used because it was too underpowered for much of anything, so I eventually got a MacBook Pro, so that I could start learning the macOS and how to troubleshoot and fix them and expand my IT knowledge and client base.

Couple years after that, I made the jump from my custom built PC (that I left in the USA) and got an iMac since I was starting to do iOS app development on the MacBook and it has been an awesome investment.

I do use BootCamp so that I can still game and the model I got (mid-tier 27inch model and I upgraded the RAM myself) has been able to handle every game I throw at it, PUBG, Fortnite, Diablo 3, The Division, and doesn’t even skip a beat, easily 60 to 90 FPS at all times. And now that Apple has External GPU support, I will still be able to use this system for gaming for years to come.


I work with Both Salesforce and GSuite in my jobs :slight_smile:


I’ve been both a mac and a PC (windows) guy in my life.

I enjoy using both.

I am a PC guy at the moment. I quite like Windows 10. It is a little annoying with its updates, but overall I like the feel of it.

I much prefer windows in the corporate environment. I’ve had far less troubles running a windows 10 pc at work, than I did when I first started at my current job and they were trying to run macs in a predominantly windows environment. It was a nightmare.

So my vote right now is Microsoft.


Had myself a MBP which I rarely used and sold before I came travelling, I had it dual booted with Arch Linux and always ran Linux when I did use it.

Windows on my gaming rig back in the UK.

I now travel with a Lenovo X230 running solely Arch Linux. All my files are in the Google cloud which makes switching hardware easier. In an effort to learn more about Linux I made it my daily driver, it can be a pain at times, but I like the challenge :joy:

Once I’ve got a spare few £££ I’ll upgrade the X230 to a Dell XPS 13. Very naughty and lightweight.

Can’t knock the X230 though, picked it up for £170 on ebay.


I used to be all apple, owned the old Powerbook G4, had an iMac, owned a 2014 MBP, all while having all my pictures and data in iCloud, had iPhones and Apple TV… And then everything just started looking the same.

The build quality is second to none, or it used to be, I’m hearing reports the new MBP is having its issues.

The price points are just getting silly now though. If your using the features and need the power by all means, but most people have them, they don’t really know how to use the operating system and all they tend to do is check Facebook and their emails. It’s become too much of a fashion accessory now.