Apple or Microsoft?


Microsoft and Apple are highly overrated on desktop. Linux and chrome os have narrowed the gap massively in recent years.

On mobile IOS is def. in front in regards to security.


I think you’ll find A LOT more people using Linux as job creation around development continues to increase around the world. I wouldn’t say your average user would get their hands on it just yet, even Ubuntu is still a bit clunky.


No worries! Ah nice! Yeah, I bought a console so my gaming shifted to there. But from what I read, Windows is still in the lead on that side of things and Im not sure how Steam goes on a Mac.
Mechatronic engineer and used to be part of a drone startup that branched into drone services to pay the bills. I used mainly Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. My co-worker used Premier and Lightroom and neither of us had any serious issues. When we started doing 3D videos with 6 GoPros on 4k we ran into issues haha.


When cloud based, hardware has become irrelevant, can work from the beach.


HOME - iMac, iPad, Android
WORK - iPhone and Windows 7

use them all helps keep the mind agile


If you are not using it for specialised stuff like playing high end games, it doesn’t matter what you have. Windows, OSX (Mac), Chromebook and Linux are out there and work fine. Most stuff is cloud based these days. Microsoft is building a REALLY bad reputation for itself. It’s disenfranchising a lot of users with more and more invasiveness about what apps you can and cannot load. They also stream a lot of data about your device and what’s on it. Microsoft are looking at charging to ‘manage’ your PC. Which is scary.


Hey @appyXinja why don’t you wade in on this? :wink:


Yeah I’ve got a friend in the security space and he told me by default a Windows 10 installation is relaying so much data back to MS. If a decent Internet connection isn’t an issue, I do like the idea of a chromebook for the average user.


At home, I use a MBP running MacOS Mojave, and an Ipad Pro running IOS 12.1, i use an iPhone - I have several windows and Linux virtual machines and for work is pure Microsoft stack