Are you looking to add Samsung Pay

Hi, just wondering if you are looking to add Samsung pay as well. Thanks


Hey @Rocco85 and welcome :ninja_emojis_pink_03: - short answer is yes, but you’re going to ask me when and I don’t know yet!!! We’ll add to roadmap and comment back here as soon as we know. Thanks so much for reaching out!


Its nearly been a year, is there any update yet? This is literally the one thing stopping me from fully moving over :frowning:

Hey @LishFish - welcome to the community :wave:

Samsung Pay is still in the pipeline but not on our roadmap of plans for the immediate future. At the moment we’ve got Google Pay available for Android users.

We’ve been balancing priorities and will bring certain feature requests forward if we can :blush:

Google pay isnt available on Samsung watches :frowning: