Ask our CTO anything for the next 2 days (30-31 Jan)


Hello Xinjas!

This year we’re going to run a regular AMA (ask me anything) :speech_balloon: on the forum, where we get a different staff Xinja to come and answer your questions! In the spirit of radical transparency, it will be great insight into who makes Xinja tick - from a variety of specialist areas.

For Weds and Thurs this week, our CTO (chief technology officer) and co-founder Alistair “Alfie” Thomas – aka @appyXinja - will answer any question you have.

Drop your questions on this thread :speech_balloon: :question:

So let’s find more about him:

Tell us what you do at Xinja: I’m ultimately responsible for the front end build of the app within the Technology Council of experts. :space_invader::iphone:

What are you most proud of working with Xinja? Working alongside people that are experts in their field and getting to make an impact with them.:man_scientist::male_detective:

Fun facts: In my youth I taught English in Japan :japanese_castle: :jp: & South America :brazil:, and now I’m a volunteer lifesaver at Thirroul :surfing_man:

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What’s the one bit of the app that you just love more than anything else?

The one thing / feature thing-a-me that makes you :smile:

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Hi @weeksy_j - that’s a great question - I have two favourite features; I still smile when I lock my card and see it instantly protected by our virtual Xinja Ninjas and also chat, which puts you directly in contact with our wonderful Xinjarati if you need help (such as when you card doesn’t work and they tell you that you have locked it!)


I freaking love the lock card feature too, the ease and the fun. Good to know that makes you happy too :slight_smile:

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Below are the questions for the CTO & CEO.

  1. I hope that you will soon receive the full banking license and allow customers to open bank accounts and lend money?
  2. Apart from being a Neo Bank how does Xinja plan to differentiate from the Big 4 Banks in ANZ (Xinja should concentrate on providing core banking) but they need to differentiate from the other older generation banks? This will ultimately define the success/failure of the bank?
  3. I heard that the Xinja mobile app will be positioned to be sold to other customers (aka banks). I see a challenge here I myself have extensive software/product development & product management experience and whenever there is talk of a generic open app/user interface that can integrate into any backend system. It has always failed and I am very suspicious of the strategy and reckon it wont work?
  4. Xinja will have to come up with some unique banking features to attract customers not just (lower interest rate, offset account) etc… these should be an option but may be an entire new way of banking that benefits the customers?


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Hey @ilarum Murali - sorry for the slow response! I had meant to come back to you. Taking your questions in turn.

  1. We hope so to! We are working towards our full banking licence. The decision will be made by the regulator APRA and we are hoping to get our full licence this year, but it is subject to regulatory approval.

Xinja will be 100% digital and made for mobile (the big 4 are not, and some of the ‘digital’ only banks still require you to go to branches for some things or do some form of paperwork).
Xinja will have a great user experience that makes it easy, simple and even fun to do your banking - opening accounts in seconds etc.
Xinja will be focused on helping you make more out of your money (designed in our customers’ interests) so that means for example calculating when you could be paying less interest or earning more - making it easy to swipe to save - tracking your spend so you know where your money is going - earmarking/ringfence funds without having to open another account - make sure you only spend what you can afford - all in the app.
Ultimately Xinja will have significantly lower costs (because we have no legacy it systems, no legacy business and no branch network). And these cost savings will be passed on in the form of lower or no fees and more competitive rates. I say ultimately because at the beginning we will only be competitive - our costs of borrowing will be high.
3. Not sure where you got the idea we’re selling the app to other banks?! First we’ve heard of it! Not planning to do that!
4. Yes - see 2 above. We don’t know exactly what app features we will deliver at launch - there is a long list and we are prioritising - but the focus is on making managing your money engaging (so you get better at it) and creating a much greater fluidity across the core functions of storing, borrowing and saving money to ensure maximum return.

Again - sorry for lateness! Many thanks :ninja_emojis_pink_03: