ATM operator fee not separated

Removed the last of my money from Xinja today (taking a break until functionality improves).

Used a Bendigo Bank ATM and was charged a $2.50 fee. The Operator Fee of $2.50 should be listed as a separate transaction in my account history.

For example, I took $700 in cash out, yet the transaction history says I took $702.50 out, which isn’t the case.

My main bank has always split them out into two separate transactions because that’s what makes sense. Seems Xinja almost always does the opposite to sense.

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Thanks Brett, that’s a good point actually! Ideally there would be no more banks still charging these ATM fees but I’ll see what can be done in the with separating these into two transaction lines (obviously still going to be important when overseas etc).

Thanks for your feedback as always, hopefully see you back around these parts soon!

@xinja_blair the other thing I noticed is that the receipt from the ATM doesn’t report the avail balance correctly. It’s says $0.00 which isn’t right.

I got money out from my other bank debit card at the same ATM (not a Bendigo Bank card), and it correctly reports the account balance and available balance. Of course that card I selected ‘Savings’ which may be a reason.

In any case, worth mentioning as this is another anomaly of Xinja and a simple piece of functionality that is missing.

I went to up bank man like them better

It’s the simple oversights like these that I can’t stand. It sometimes feels like someone who has never banked before is building a bank.

Sounds harsh, but it’s constructive feedback and i hope that one day the penny drops for them, the excuses stop and things get fixed.

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