ATMs overseas - what are your best tips?


What are your best ATM tips for other travellers? :atm::flight_departure::world_map::footprints:

How do you avoid nasty ATM fees?
Best ways to identify reputable ATMs?
Check vs. savings vs. credit?

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I have travelled extensively with my former employer to countries in South America, Kazakhstan, Dominican Republic, India to name a few.
Many colleagues had trouble with their card details being compromised. So below are a few tips I can offer.

• When making a cash withdraw use a bank branded ATM preferably within a branch. Avoid using stand alone ATM’s found inside shopping centers and service stations.
• When paying at a restaurant best practice is to pay with cash. If paying with a credit card never loose physical sight of your card. If the wait staff are unable to bring the credit card machine to you then politely request that you will take your card to the cashier yourself.
• One instance from memory was a place in northern Brazil. The ATM’s would only accept Visa and if you only had MasterCard or Maestro you were unable to withdraw cash.
• Unlike Australia, American Express cards are welcomed more readily and there are never added surcharges added for using them.


Thanks @Scott - super helpful advice here thank you! Great intel from your travels. Our Xinja Visa prepaid cards would be ideal in northern :brazil::atm: