"Australian issued" mastercard

Today I tried to link my Xinja card to Qantas shopping / Cashrewards. I was unable to as it’s not considered an “Australian issued” Mastercard. I assume this is the side effect of being a digital only bank?

Just feeding this back as something to be addressed / investigated in future. :slight_smile:


It’s possible that their systems haven’t updated fully

I remember when Monzo launched in the uk and companies wouldn’t recognise the sort code for monzo accounts. Maybe it’s a similar thing with bsb for xinja?

Or I could be completely wrong. You should wait for someone from xinja to answer :rofl:


@nickelslol and @chelskneale (welcome!!) this is something we’ve just run into…We are the first independent retail bank to launch a card in Australia for a long time - since Macquarie? - this has set things into a spin and so the Australian Payments Network is flagging us as not Australian. Thanks @chelskneale for letting us know re Qantas - that is ironic! - but we’ll get onto them. We’re trying to go thru the APN but might have to be direct to each institution…
Will follow up on this thread when we’ve got an update!

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my guess is you need to contact MasterCard, the bank identification number is flagged as a US credit card.
even if you go contacting banks, a simple bin search shows it as a US credit card.
good for australians who want to shop in the US without flagging themselves as australians though.


I had a similar issue when trying to add the payment info for Amex. However, I called them up and the employee said they will try and add it to the list. Explained to them that it was a new neobank that has opened up recently.

Will provide update once there has been a change. :ninja_emojis_blue_01: :ninja_emojis_pink_01:

Any update on this one? I tried last week and it doesn’t work but my assumption was it’s because it’s a debit rather than credit. Hoping I am wrong.

@Vikkijane Let me chase this up and I’ll get an update for you! Can you let me know what rewards system you’re trying to link it to?

It was the Qantas shopping bonus offers. Shopping.qantas.com/link-card

@Vikkijane thanks I’ll get the team to look into it :thinking:

UPDATE: It now works adding it to Amex for payments! Just added it now :ninja_emojis_blue_01: :ninja_emojis_pink_01:

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What are the updates on this situation. I tried calling up HBF my health insurance provider to register my Xinja account as a direct credit account for reimbursements yesterday, however, HBF did not recognise the BSB. Happy to wait for this to progress further!

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@wasdman ooh thanks for the heads up. We’ll look into to it and check what’s going on.

@wasdman Thanks for letting us know - we will follow this up with AusPayNet. Our BSB has been live in the industry for more than a year now (!!), so this kind of thing really shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Having said that, the process is so manual and somewhat disjointed, that not everyone is timely with their updates. And since the BSB listing historically hasn’t changed all that much (back when there weren’t neobanks springing up everywhere :wink: ), many businesses have gotten away with not updating it regularly.

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This still isnt working correctly.

Your card is acting like a credit card which means additional fees at checkout and inability to take refunds from standard POS machines.

If this is indeed an Mc issue… Please, please, please demand a direct account manager and get the Bin reassigned to AU Debit…regardless of what rail’s are being used this is possible.

And if it’s your processor give them a slap, it’s a minor fix to respond.

Oh and there’s a legally binding contract for everyone stating that they’ll update the list of bins in their systems.

This isn’t an update issue, its an incorrect classification at the back end.

Just rechecked on an international BIN checker and you are still appearing as a US Credit designation.

This was highlighted 5 months ago… Why hasn’t it been updated yet? Timeline for an Mc change is approx 4 weeks.

There’s a huge difference in interchange based on the Bin assignment, currently you’re under credit international transaction rates, anything from 1.15 to 1.75% when you should be on debit national rates of 4 cents a transaction… Please, get this updated so that we don’t have to pay out for that at the check out ( certain merchants charge an additional value to cover credit card interchange fees - e.g. Aldi) …and to help out the businesses we are using our cards at.

Thanks for looking into it @WGL - I’ll check in with @xinjareader as she’s the expert around here!

So it’s now been 7 days…

No change and no answer yet.

Can you please provide an update.

Hi @WGL sorry for the delay in response. Have you had a chance to see the post around our set up with Mastercard Why do I need to choose "Credit" to pay with my Xinja debit card? As a relatively “new” bank we are working with industry partners to update tables and the like. If there are specific instances of Merchants charging like we’re “credit” we follow up with Mastercard on a case by case basis. I will check with @xinjareader what we can do about the international BIN checker, although please note we are registered as Debit with Mastercard. Really great to see you get into the detail thank you.

Also response from our Mastercard contact: > *if you refer the link below which list out the BIN for issuer’s and same has been advised by Mastercard to Acquirer’s to their merchants , payment facilitators for routing. *


And I can see the Xinja Bin is properly marked as “Debit” Bin .

If there is a link for the BIN checker do share so we can get it updated if possible depends on who owns the website and what “references” they use.