BSB & AC in Profile page

Now that Xinja has a banking licence, is the BSB and AC No in my profile page what I use to transfer funds from say NAB to my Xinja account?

Hi @syd - & welcome back to the forum! The BSB and Account number linked to your pre-paid card are entirely different to what will be your Xinja bank account BSB and account number. Once you’ve received an invite to open a Xinja bank account (FYI: we’ll be rolling out bank accounts to our prepaid customers first and then our waitlist over the next month or so - so stay tuned for yours!!!) you’ll be asked if you’d like any remaining funds transferred across from your pre-paid account into your new Xinja bank account. Until then, when using your current BSB and account number, this is only linked to your pre-paid card which has a $999 balance limit. Hope that helps!