Calling all ‘droids


You can’t be logged in on 2 devices simultaneously at the moment…so log out on the iphone. However, if you’ve already got an account, you can just download the android app from the play store, login as usual and away you go - will pull up your account (backend not device specific obviously). Aiming for Monday arvo…watch out for announcement and link to google play store so you can go!


You’re welcome! Fingers crossed it’s Monday arvo but you never know…we’ll email you as soon as you can download!


Hey @XinjaSENSEI just letting you know we are aiming to launch Android on Monday arvo…it’s never definite till it’s definite but that’s the plan…Look out for announcement on @xinjamoney social channels or here. If you’ve already got an account and card, then you should be able to just download the app from the playstore and activate your card. @brainyxinja - please be on hand for any queries about this!


Looking forward to it and building a bank from early day’s upwards. Cheers! :money_mouth_face::clap::clap::clap:


10:4 Captain - will be waiting.


Just got my card and the android app is running like a treat! Would love a black and pink card though :smiley:


Hi @ArkhamFlax Luke - black and pink huh? Can’t promise but will add to the list - we’ve got new designs coming out with the bank account (subject to our gettting a full licence) will have a peek to see if there’s a black and pink! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Cant wait! Fingers crossed the licensing goes well, I’m so pumped to set up a bank account with Xinja in 2019