Capital Raise update

Just wondering when Investors will get the next update on the Capital raise. Eric had the very positive news that around 15m of the $50m was already done at the AGM. Keen to understand the progress on the remaining $35m which he said was also pretty much done ? Thanks

Hi @T_Armer :wave:t3: I’ll need to get back to you on this! :_ninja_emojis_purple_01:

Hi :slight_smile: We’ll have an Investor Update soon. We don’t have an answer for your specific question on the funding progress but so far, Series D is looking very good.

Hey @T_Armer
We sent out our investor January newsletter this afternoon so the latest update can be accessed from there.
Some light bedtime reading for you.:nerd_face:


Is there another raise coming soon for retail investors?


Will there be another opportunity to buy shares soon??


From memory there were limitations on the amount that could be raised using crowd funding during a certain period.

I really hope this limitation has passed and another crowd funding can be part of future funding rounds prior to ASX listing.

I feel that crowd funding has really helped build momentum and differentiate from the other neobanks. Could be very useful again during this critical customer acquisition stage.


Hey @Burkeburke24 (and welcome :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:), @Azzy & @Sib-corp - actually we’re not allowed to do any more crowdfunding as it stands. We did 2, but we’re now in a category where can no longer. However - as Eric said at the AGM - there are no guarantees, but we will lobby to try and make this happen.

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