Card sleeve query


I have had a Xinja card for a bit which is now usable on Android. I see the card has a card holder with a 3M sticker on the backside. What is the sticker for? Apolgogies, I am not being creative enough!


Hi @pankmtol000 - it’s for your laptop or any object that flips / moves - as it winks at you :ninja_emojis_pink_02::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::ninja_emojis_blue_02::_ninja_emojis_turq_02:


Hi @nanoxinja, I it’s excited to read that it charge zero fees (neither the ATM nor the currency conversion fee. Just curiosity, how did Xinja card make money of out this card product?

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Hey @llp glad you’re interested in our prepaid card! We make a marginal amount from interest on prepaid balances however this is used to offset costs. The prepaid card was never intended as a significant source of revenue but rather as a means of beginning development of our app, solutions and listening to important learnings and feedback from our customers. Let me know if you have any other questions. Meanwhile here are more details on the prepaid travel card - if you needed them. Let me know how you go!
@nanoxinja :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::_ninja_emojis_turq_02::ninja_emojis_pink_02::ninja_emojis_blue_02:


Heya, I got my friend to join up and get a beta prepaid card, we both got the card holder, he also got the laptop sticker which look’s awesome but I never got a sticker with my card, any chance of sending me a sticker to put on my lappy to make others smile too? :grinning::crossed_fingers:


Check your DMs - I’ll need your address and be happy to post you one!

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Will do. Thanks heaps. :grinning:

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Got my stickers in the mailbox today, pretty happy and just wanted to say @nanoxinja Thankyou very much for all you sent. :star_struck::wink::hugs:

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Hello :wink: am I able to get laptop sticker also ?

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Hi @Romas! Send me your address and I’ll post one out. I just sent you a DM