Card with out unnecessary plastic

Hey, Just got my card and thought that the plastic pink card holder was unnecessary and a waste of plastic. Environmental consideration would be nice to see from a company that it trying to be engaging with a younger demographic.

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I’m all for the removal of unrequired plastics. It’s a good heads up for sure.

Hi @magnusm & @two_seven Ben - funnily enough was thinking about that only this morning. Actually, we’re not doing that box for everyone - it’s a bit ‘limited edition’ and has been going out randomly - and our standard card holder (which goes to the majority) is one piece of card (so no extra letter/paper etc so reasonably light on packaging etc). However I agree we need to stick with a minimum packaging version as soon as we’ve finished the fancy ones. I wonder if we can skin it right down. I was thinking a small, simple card that the card itself slots into with the very bare essential info on it. But that’s not very creative - have you got some other ideas? Would love to hear some! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want to get my hands on a Xinja card. The bright colours of my other two have certainly started a conversation, I drop in the Xinja name when I can :blush:

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Well crap, I threw out my limited edition plastic card holder by mistake.

At least I was one of the lucky ones. haha

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lol - I’ll think of a use for those that haven’t :slightly_smiling_face:

What colours were your cards? I thought they only came in 1 colour :sweat_smile:

I meant my Monzo and TransferWise cards.