Card Withdrawals

I ran into an issue this morning when trying to withdraw cash from the register at Coles.

I still do most of my banking with a Big4 bank, until Xinja is a bit further along the development path and can provide most of the services I use my current bank for. My partner has my physical card for my Big4 bank and I do most transacting by my phone, which works fine as long as I don’t need cash. I normally don’t use cash, but I had engaged the services of a business that doesn’t take EFT, which I was unaware of at the time.

So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use the Instant Top Up feature with my Xinja card, which I keep in my wallet. I proceeded to move the money to my Xinja account, which worked fine, but when I inserted my card and paid for the transaction expecting to be able to withdraw cash, I was not given the prompt. When I checked the receipt, it had come up as a credit transaction, so when I attempted to get an operator to perform the cash-out function for me, the same thing happened with it prompting that cash withdrawal is not available with the card. I would expect this with Tap and Pay, but not with an inserted card, where I should be able to select the account type.

Is there an option in the app somewhere to fix this, or is this not a feature currently available?

Xinja is unfortunately (and hopefully temporarily) a cash free bank. No eftpos supported. Only way to get cash out is at an ATM

It seems I’ll be tied to a Big4 for a bit longer then, if only for the ability to get cash. I went to the nearest ATM after this incident (Bendigo Bank) and they wanted to charge me $2.50, so I gave up and will get my partner to get some cash for me from my card.

I checked the roadmap, but can’t see cash withdrawals anywhere on there. Is there plans to have this feature in the future?

Hiya @Flame27, cash out at Coles doesn’t work is because many merchants only support that transaction type over the eftpos network (which we don’t participate in).

The issue with ATM fees should have been resolved when the AusPayNet BIN tables were updated across the industry at the end of Feb but we have heard Westpac are still charging - will have to look into Bendigo though.

If you want to go deep on this topic there’s a whole thread dedicated to it Why do I need to choose "Credit" to pay with my Xinja debit card?

I have had no trouble getting cash out when i purchase at a store.
However i took out some funds this morning from a WPAC ATM and was charged $4 for the privilege, i will have to look at an alternative method as we only have 2 ATM’s in the town i live in.

hi @Blueyfrost I’d try CBA, ANZ, NAB, Suncorp, HSBC and Redi atm (a 3rd party atm) as non of these ATMs are charging our customers.

unfortunately Westpac Group (includes St George and Bank of Melbourne) are still charging $4 (as you found out) and Bendigo are charging $2.50.
They should have stopped this end of Feb at the latest so we’re not sure why they haven’t but we are pestering them.