Changing personal information

The ability to change your personal info should have been implemented by now, even more so it should have been the first priority much before the stash account or the round up feature.

I’m all for Xinja and what it’s trying to do but honestly why isn’t this feature already accessible.

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Hiya @Chaotic , what kind of personal information are you wanting to change? Feel free to DM me if you’d rather not discuss it here. There’s certain things we can’t change in app for legal reasons but that may not apply to all the details .

At a minimum people need to be able to change their Mobile Number, Email Address and their Resident/Postal Addresses (note the postal address isn’t even displayed on the Personal Info screen.

Thanks for jumping in @TommyW and noted about postal address, that’s a good point and also reminds me I need to update mine :thinking:

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