Colour of Cards


This is my first time posting. Just an idea, and if it doesn’t cost too much money, how about offering different coloured cards.


Great minds @Theking3377 ! Watch this space - there will be news on this very soon.


Couldn’t agree more! Sorry, but the neon pink card is just appalling for me.

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I love the PINK card. Go on embrace your pink.

Was however wondering about choice of card colour news coming very soon ( it’s been 11 months ? )

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I would imagine way down the list of things to work on, would be card variants - inverted colours, super large logo, lots of small logos. Hard to see them moving far away from something that is predominantly the pink. Happy to be surprised though.

:wave: @gwondana, @anon42385786 and @yogi
Sorry you’ve not heard much on this for a while. It’s something we’re keen to do, but further down the track as we’re trying to establish our brand.
We did ask for thoughts on the pink and it seems most like it - see thread here👇:

Will let you know when things change.:loudspeaker::slightly_smiling_face:

I like the pink. It stands out - will drive conversation between myself and others which I assume is the reason for the outrageous colour.

No one is going to ignore asking “why is your debit card pink?”

Easy advertising!

Hi @majorxinja, sorry to say but I’m not surprised most people liked it on that forum post - they are probably all already customers, and therefore have already made that choice to accept the pink card. What I think you’re missing is all the people who don’t join at all because it’s pink. I know males that won’t join specifically because the card is pink. I think it’s a great marketing strategy to pick a bright colour (e.g. like Monzo in the UK) but to get more male customers I think you need a more gender-neutral colour. It’s great to challenge stereotypes, but you aren’t going to get rid of generations of stereotype that pink is for girls quickly enough to not damage your uptake of male customers. I really want you to be successful - I was a huge supporter of Monzo in the UK and I miss them badly now that I’m in Australia.

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I suspect if you are not choosing a bank solely based on the colour of a bank’s payment card, then it was probably not going to work out anyway.

Hi @rhiheu and welcome :ninja_emojis_pink_03: There are - it’s true - people who don’t like the pink. However, we’ve found that the numbers of these (in the potential Xinja audience) are low. We do plan to offer different colour options in the future.


Thanks for your reply, I look forward to the release of other colours.

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