Community Code of Conduct


Thanks for visiting the community page! We’re excited that you want to participate in our Xinja community. However, we do ask that you play nice and follow our house rules below in terms of what is appropriate to include in posts or comments. In general, this means no obscenity, insanity or spam. We will remove posts that break these rules and ban individuals who continue to ignore them.

Please show respect for your fellow Xinjas and do not post:

  • Any content or links that discriminate any group, minority or race – that are xenophobic, racist, sexist or in anyway discriminating.
  • Any content or links that are offensive, abusive, hateful or contain any obscene language or swear words
  • Anything that infringes another’s intellectual property or privacy rights
  • Any insensitive or inappropriate content or links, that might upset people generally
  • Any advertisements for any products or companies
  • Any content that is repetitive or irrelevant to this page
  • Anything that encourages or promotes anything illegal, or is in anyway fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • Any content or links that are deliberately designed to provoke

If you have a post deleted and would like it reinstated, please contact us at and we will be happy to reconsider any case where there is fair commentary or reputable evidence cited.

We may amend or update these rules from time to time. The most recent date of publication is below.

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