Community Contributions in a Fintech World


So this is really off topic and left field… but hey… it IS ‘Speakeasy’ after all. :woman_shrugging:

Walking home last night I was asked by two separate homeless people for spare change. Even before Xinja I rarely took my physical wallet out with me. Now that I have this nifty little Xinja silicone card holder… Well… What the hell is cash? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having said that, I genuinely felt sorry I had nothing to give.

It got me thinking - in this increasingly technological world is there some simplistic way Xinja customers can contribute to their local community if they desire… Round ups to a charity of choice with certain types of purchases for example?

Is this something people would even want?!


Totally, Maccas give you an option to donate to the Ronald McDonald house on their self service screens before you pay. Same at the till, tap-to-donate. Being able to utilise your card to donate in an easy way in a public space I think could be cool. How would you see it working?


When will Xinja have Apple Pay so I can leave my card at home ?


Great question, we’re working towards Apple pay for a 2019 release, however the Android app will come first, so it’s looking like mid-to-late 2019 at this stage!


Panhandlers in San Francisco get issued EFTPOS machines, I’m not talking entertainers either…


Hahah that is fascinating. Soon they’ll have apps on their phones which do the same thing. We all will!


Big time. Its so sad how much homelessness there is in our “first world” countries, but like you I rarely carry cash.

I’d love to see round ups to charity. Community charity donations, so say a pot that Xinja sets up, you can search and subscribe to a pot and donate. This would lend itself to IFTTT and donating if you’ve been way too extravagant for example.

I actually have a website idea to try and combat homelessness, or at least shed some light on how big of a problem it seems to be. I may put some time into it. So many ideas, so little time.


Completely agreed @two_seven… it is really sad.

I love the idea of donating if you’ve been way to extravagant.

Website idea hey?.. Sounds intriguing!


Yeah just something I’m still working through in my head, but it would basically be a way to highlight the problem and help people understand why and how people end up homeless, what the homeless actually want, the general assumption is they want a house and a job… is that even what they want? While also highlighting way people can help.

It would be awesome if the new banks could create an easier way to help charities though. My parents done and its all done through the fact someone came knocking on their door.

Could we also bring charities into the 21st century? There’s got to be a lot of overhead in the archaic systems of hierarchy.

Note all of my views on this are based on assumption, I’m still yet to put in the effort to get the facts.


Yes, that is why 70% or more goes to overhead and remainder to the intended recipient


Actually, @Cavok really interesting this - if you told a commercial organisation that they had to generate a 95% profit (tell that to unilever or whoever) they’d laugh you out of court. Charities are forced to report annually and not to invest in anything - which is why they remain less effective -there is a school of thought growing that says they should operate more like commercial organisations or they remain just ineffective feelgood factors for the public…check out Dan Palotta’s TED talk if you haven’t already - interesting stuff…


Hey @two_seven Ben - see my comment to @Cavok - there is some really interesting stuff going on in charities! They are being disrupted as much as any other industry. Would love to discus! The focus of Xinja’s social impact strategy will be being effective (rather than blindly donating) - we need to be more intelligent and dynamic - not just traditional CSR etc. We are interested in innovative charities!


So lets think about it a bit differently, how about within our Xinja account we could donate to a group account and this could fund prepaid EFT cards (no account needed) that could be then given to homeless folk as required.
I would happily donate, and the card goes to a Xinja-Social_Justice advocate in a needy area


I love this @DuncDad - what a great idea!


Seen this many a time. My mum spent years in the NGO / Not-for-profit sector. Very frustrating to see some of their practices that they deem ‘best practice’ that just wouldn’t cut the mustard in the for profit sector. As a result the ability to deliver more services on the ground is lost.


I’ve always wondered, quite frankly why we can’t use the endless oodles and oodles of car parking in the city overnight securely to permit people to sleep there.

It’s not a long term solution, nor is it as good as better access to social and affordable housing and support, BUT I would much rather that people were safer, in shelter, not cold and perhaps even have access to secure amenities that carparks in commercial buildings always have.

Would have thought that this is something that SecurePark or Wilson would have been all over.

It’s been on my mind as a Vendorable sponsored idea for some time. I guess I’ve feared people calling it out for encouraging rough sleeping or homelessness, when really I thought it might be an emergency backup.