Comparing Xinja benefits as a travel card

Hey Xinja community,
I’m a new Xinja member, looking for some advice.
I’m about to head to Europe for 8 weeks, so I’m investigating my best travel card / banking options for the trip. I have a brand new shiny Xinja card, and hoping this is my best option! I’m super keen to start using it. But wanting to check it is best before starting.

Xinja sounds great, with $0 additional ATM fees; refunded conversion fees; and no International Purchase Fees.
However I have historically used a Macquarie Debit card, which offer the same 3 benefits. And they appear to have a slight edge because they use Mastercard, which has slightly better exchange rates than Visa (Xinja) when exchanging AUD<->EUR.

Can you please help convince me to use Xinja? I’m keen to convert, but want the figures to stack up. Thank you!

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Hey @Brad, nice to hear from you & :+1:great question!

We’re a little biased, we think you should take your Xinja travel card :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01: :world_map:

The reality is the exchange rates do vary day-to-day between Visa & Mastercard, depending on a variety of reasons which Xinja does not control. So you’ll have to make the final call on ‘which card’ in 8 weeks.

We also have other benefits of the Xinja travel card, like locking card, instantly with a swipe, if you feel unsafe - which is great for security. The currency conversion fee of 3.5% is fully refunded.

If you have any other questions jump back on! And don’t take our word for it, if you find time, check out what other Xinjas say about the travel card on these threads

Whatever you decide, happy travels :airplane::world_map:

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I havd similar benefits via an ING debit card with the advantage of being able to make purchases and ATM withdrawals up to my ING balance rather than the 1000 dollar limit on Xinja - and which can be as low as zero if Xinja purchases take a few days to clear which they often do.
Nevertheless I used the Zinja card extensively during our 5 months motorhoming in Europe and GB with almost 100% success. Of course we had high limit visa credit cards and 2 different debit cards as well AND a couple of days expenses in cash as well because we have learned the hard way over many years that it is a big mistake to rely on just one source of money


Yes, we used the Xinja card in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland and we did not have any problems. Before you travel, make sure that you inform the bank or debit card which is linked to the Xinja card. Be aware that some bank want to send text codes to your mobile phone
Many travellers do not use roaming and rely on data only which means confirmation codes sent by some banks will not be of any use.