Create virtual "envelopes" under an account

It would a fantastic feature to be able to have multiple “virtual envelopes” under an account number that will enable users to save towards specific saving goals without the hassle of opening / managing additional and multiple account numbers.


I think that’s already on their agenda. The stash is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime early next year, and people have already suggested that you simply have the one stash/savings account with your total balance divvied up amongst various goals inside it.

That said, there are complications such as, people have suggested they would like to be able to transact directly from the stash without transferring money first to the transaction account. So they’d have to figure out how to have a scheduled transaction, such as paying off your car loan, come out of the stash but specifically be deducted from the section of your stash labelled ‘car loan repayment’.

Also, transferring funds, and scheduled transfers, such as a portion of your salary to a holiday fund, would have to make sure they choose the right section of the stash. I guess the interest rate would apply to the whole balance of the stash. So, yeah, I’m sure they’re thinking about all these things and more.

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If I remember from the AGM, each stash will have its own BSB and Acc number. Initially it seems they are thinking of capping the amount of stashes until it all works smoothly.

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@Ka_Coffiney My understanding is that Stash will have a BSB and account number, but the ‘virtual’ stashes sitting within that won’t.

The existing Xinja terms and conditions also state that direct debits and credits as well as Bpay, won’t be available from Stash.

I think it’s possible that this is a significant oversight. My assumption, based on how I bank, is that more people than not would want multiple Stashes (with BSB and account number) and the ability to transact from them. Time will tell how this one plays out.

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Hi all - we’re currently looking at Multiple Stashes being the virtual accounts within stash (as you’ve mentioned) so not a BSB and Account number for everyone, however we’re also looking at another Stash, reviewing where direct payments can come from etc. This could all impact the roll out of Stash (although not initially) and multiple stashes. Stash itself will be January - aiming for multiple stashes in same quarter.


Multiple stash accounts is a great idea and really looking forward to it.

However the concept of virtual envelopes would achieve a similar goal of mine without the overhead of unique account number for the envelopes.

I guess I could simulate this in a spreadsheet, and update it based on current stash balance manually… but where is the fun in that? o.O

I’m looking forward to this virtual accounts feature. For me, I don’t need the separate BSB/Acc No. for those. Just need a faster and easier way to allocate/move funds between accounts - probably similar to AMP Bett3r account where it automatically allocates funds in stash accounts when you receive income on your bank account?

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