Crowdfunding Round


Hi Xinjas! I saw that Xinja was opening a new crowdfunding round. Before I commit to investing, is there any udpate on the restricted license?

Are the terms of the funding round available?

I’d love to know why we’ve opened up to crowdfunding and whether we’re also looking at institutional investment. We need more than $2.5m to make this bank a reality!

Exciting times ahead!



Hi @PapaXinja - no specific update - we’re still waiting to hear - we hope it will be v soon :grinning: However, the dealroom on equity crowdfunding won’t open until February so it will be known before any investment is actually committed. Terms won’t be available until the dealroom is open, but the share price will be the same as Series C which is $2.04. Our general fundraising is occurring in parallel. We have raised a total of >$17m in series A & B ($2.7m of which was crowdfunding). and we’re part way thru Series C where we’re looking to raise a further $10-$20m. And there’ll be a series D after the crowdfunding. We’ve opened it up again because we said we would - various people missed out the first time and asked us to as did some of our existing investors, and Eric (our CEO) committed at the last EGM to doing so. We believe in our customers having a share in any future success of Xinja - which is why we did it the first time and why we’re doing it again - plus, of course, it boosts our fundraising! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: