Cryptocurrency.. a vision of a new world OR just a another bubble waiting to burst?


Man I worry that blockchain will be one of those things everyone talks about but nobody understands how to implement, then all of a sudden a bunch of kids will finish school knowing nothing but blockchain and literally destroy half the businesses in the world by simply doing things a million times better.

It’ll be like the death of the horse and carriage, milkmen and radio dramas all rolled into one.

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:musical_note: Video killed the radio star :musical_note:


I may need to see how and where people are implementing blockchain successfully right now, but I really do see it as the very beginning of what’s possible.

Could a cryptocurrency become the base currency for transactions around the world? Are governments going to let that happen? Will the people overrule them and use it regardless?

Without sounding too conspiracy theory led, I do understand why governments have to take control and work with institutions to take the masses down a path. Imagine if we were all given free reign… We’d run amok!

No matter what monetary system we have in place, there are greedy people and there are lazy people and that is the beautiful thing about life.

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Looks like banking system is spending 3 times more energy than Bitcoin mining:


Hey @Stefan, thanks for your share. This whole energy :zap: consumption for bitcoin mining is really interesting. As a neobank with no branches, limited employees and highly efficient lean :woman_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling: technology, we’re beginning our path to set a new trend in low power energy consumption. However we will be keeping a close eye on bitcoin, blockchain and energy implications :world_map:.

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