Currency conversion refund


I have been travelling abroad in Europe and I have been successful in using my card regularly with almost zero hassle.

I have found my transaction list absolutely filled with currency conversion fee refunds.
I would like to suggest that we see the refund as a green tick on the original transaction instead of a seperate “bubble”.

I do love all the information that is currently provided about the amount of currency and the hyperlink to the refund.


:grin: Thanks for the :ok_hand: feedback @Xan - I will pass onto our app team.
Happy travels around Europe :airplane: :world_map:


Hi, It’s great to buy online with a different currency. Since I discovery by chance with one transaction I always the Xinja car to order online.

It’s a pity that we cannot top up the card with more than $999. Once I wanted to buy a plane ticket but the top up that I did to the card got rejected.

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Hey @osi - it’s wonderful you’re enjoying shopping internationally online with xinja! Thanks for sharing :no_good_woman::no_good_man::_ninja_emojis_turq_03::_ninja_emojis_purple_02::shopping::shopping_cart::partying_face:

The daily spending limit of $999 is attached to the prepaid card. Subject to Xinja getting a banking license :crossed_fingers: $999 spending limit wouldn’t be an issue for bank accounts.
We are not a bank yet but we want to be. :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::_ninja_emojis_turq_03::ninja_emojis_blue_03::ninja_emojis_pink_01:


Agree that a couple of thousand dollars would be better and I guess once the license appears and the bank is approved for deposits, that limit might rise to match ING & Co
What is a problem though is the inordinate amount of time that the card can be out of action because of 2-day++ settlement delays.

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Hi @TonyLee Tony - agree the settlement time can be a pain. As you say, this won’t apply once we’re a bank account. Obviously we’ll be carrying over the zero atm fees and the currency conversion fees won’t be charged in the first place - so just zero fee - simples!


I’m not complaining because the refunded exchange fees are adding up rapidly to the point where I feel a bit guilty about taking advantage, but then again, I assume your business plan is sound.

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Yes it’s sound :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks @TonyLee!