Dabble Share Trading App

Just wanted to know on any further updates regarding Dabble?
It appears that it was going to be August, however, we are in Sept?
Looking forward to hearing about the launch date and when we can start “dabbling”

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It’s a pattern you kind of need to get used to with Up. I suspect the over promise bit is firmly in their DNA now having missed so many dates again and again. If you look at the road map nothing has been delivered since Stash (still closed) was launched at the start of the year.

Here’s hoping you and I both get surprised next week and blown away by a massive improvement in the App and a rich new trading platform to differentiate it.

You can be sure of one thing though - if it doesn’t happen it will be everyone else’s fault…APRA, Covid etc


…oops with Xinja ( Up is doing well )

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Got an email about some sort of outage on Sunday morning for a systems upgrade, so kinda expecting that to be connected to this.

We are also due for that referral rewards thing soon. If we are lucky, we might get both things!

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Prepare to be disappointed. I read somewhere here that they’re just tacking on another button somewhere in the existing app. Think about where the most logical place is to put it and then the exact opposite to that is where it’ll go. That’s the Xinja UX way.


Yep, another missed deadline by Xinja.

So many own goals that could have been easily avoided.

Agree with your sentiment regarding the UI…no incremental improvements over the last 9 months isn’t really good enough for a start-up that should be agile.

I imagine there will be a few pointed questions regarding corporate governance from investors coming soon.

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Agreed, some of their decisions haven’t made a lot of sense. Not sure how it works in a start-up scenario, or one with the investment model of Xinja. In a regular listed company the shareholders would lobby the board to have a failing CEO removed. Clearly that’s not going to be the case at Xinja, but surely the larger investors must be asking questions as to what the hell is going on.

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Hi guys - Dabble is sitting ready waiting to go and has been for quite a while. I’ve been trading on the pilot for many weeks. It’s regulatory stuff that is causing the pause. APRA are being very thorough, which is their job after all. We were hoping to launch today in fact but as of Friday that’s not possible. Could be this week but not for sure and given above thread, I suggest @Azzy & @brett given your comments above you assume the worst and that it’s still ages away. :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01: We’ll let you know as soon as it’s live.

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thanks for the update

@CaptainXinja I’m not assuming anything. My observation was around how you’ve decided to go about the launch of dabble.

Most organisations would develop the product, get the regulatory approval, announce it and then launch it on a fixed date (yes some of those things might happen in a different order, but the launch date should be fixed).

The way Xinja have gone about this, announcing with no known launch date and no regulatory approval, has frankly made you guys look very amateurish. That being said at least nobody can argue you’re not consistent :wink:

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Hi @brett we didn’t plan to announce it at all, but unfortunately it was leaked to Banking Day. We weren’t planning to put anything out until after launch. We thought it best to put something out explaining what it was with more accuracy, given it was already being reported on. Not ideal I quite agree. Very frustrating.


Leaked to Banking Day ?

I’m pretty certain it was discussed right here on the community platform first and only because…

  1. Xinja had been encouraging the community to guess the secret squirrel

  2. Xinja updated its website with the details.

I can see those posts on the community platform have been deleted (I assume by Xinja) and the person who guessed correctly has disappeared.

Really not a good look to always blame someone other than yourself.


Hi @Hello actually the only detail that was visible on the website was the name. Nothing else (even by looking at the code). There was information in the articles that far exceeded the name, so it wasn’t so much the forum. I take full responsibility for the name being visible - absolutely - but it was the rest of it that caused us to announce early (which Brett was suggesting was our original intent - which it wasn’t). However, we’re happy to take the fall and we are certainly suffering the consequences if that’s any consolation.

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There were a number of links on Xinja’s sitemap that were publicly visible. You must know this because Xinja has since changed the names. There was a Xinja Dabble direct debit agreement and a Xinja Dabble share trading agreement and a Xinja Dabble Financial Services Guide. The subscription fee and extra details were found in the code by a number of the online community and published on other sites. All from public sources.

But hey let’s go with your theory it was leaked ? So you are blaming your own Xinja staff and team for leaking it to Banking Day - nice.

Finally, didn’t the Financial Review run the story before Banking day ? Assume it’s just easier to take a swipe at small business Banking Day than the AFR.

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I honestly think some of us are coming down way too hard on Xinja, and on the community managers here.

Just because Xinja is being transparent and something about a future product happened to leak, we’re suddenly trying to hold them accountable as if they’re answerable to us.

I get there are shareholders, but the fact is companies miss deadlines all the time - it’s part and parcel of working with different institutions for authorisations and approvals and when these things aren’t completely under the control of the company alone.

Heck, my company’s app was delayed because Apple was being extra careful and thorough. We were ready to go live for weeks but had to wait for Apple to do their due diligence.

So chill folks - a delay of a few days or weeks isn’t going to make much of a difference. Let’s just enjoy the ride!

That said… I’m still advocating for website access asap. :yum:


Agree with your sentiment, but disagree with one point… as investors they are absolutely answerable to us. And this delay with Dabble isn’t an isolated incident, it’s an ongoing pattern and I don’t think calling that out is a bad thing.

We’re in September 2020 now and look at the product that’s delivered so far. Clearly it’s a challenging time, but the only thing we have as a comparison are the competitors and they are mostly streets ahead. Outside of an attractive interest rate, which at the low rates were at is irrelevant, there is absolutely no reason to use Xinja right now, which after this long in the market is a bit of a joke.


I feel torn here.

Do I wish we had Dabble and a pretty fleshed out standard bank account with a pretty broad cross section of features? Sure.

Do I think Xinja would love nothing more than than to have a full account service in the market now? I am not the company, but you’d have to think a full basic account service (being the foundation of a bank) is something on their minds every day.

As someone who holds shares, of course I want Xinja to be the best and worth the most and have everything under the sun already.

I think everything ground to a halt when the pandemic halted the Dubai funding. On top of Stash already having launched, the reality then more became that revenue had to come. So Dabble got moved way up (?), alongside loans. Some people have Stash and the bank account is usable to move money in and out.

I think this shows that the executive team has had to make hard decisions that covered whatever the organisational needs they had to achieve first and next. I like that Xinja has a pretty reasonable level of flexibility. I think a lot of what we are currently seeing with Xinja is an approach called “minimum viable product” and that just doesn’t exist in banking.

The launch of Dabble has clearly not gone to plan and that’s highly unfortunate, but in the bigger scheme of things, I don’t think is going to make any significant difference. It’s still learning and teething. I think that’s ok. I am sure there are learnings that will be taken on board. The company has really been pretty transparent with us.

From faint memory, I think one of the things that Eric has spoken about a couple in the past is how Xinja doesn’t necessarily have to be like every bank to be successful. The reality is, like life, there is always going to be someone… faster, taller, richer, better looking, etc. etc. And sometimes that’s sucky. It’s also really important to say that the aim to be the “best” and to be in constant comparison to others is actually somewhat artificial and often unhelpful.

I don’t think for a second that there is a single person who would take Xinja for a full and comprehensive banking account service that covers basically every financial scenario. I think something like this scenario will come to pass in the coming years, but I think it’s going to follow it’s own path of new interesting financial and technology things. And to me, that’s kind of interesting.