Daily Tranfer Limit (again)

So this past week I have successfully made 3 transfers to my external bank, each one for $50k. Today I went to make another $50k transfer and I am informed by the app that my max transfer daily limit is $20k.

Clearly this isn’t the case, as I have explained. So what gives?

HI @u9026a and welcome to the forum. We do vary the maximum transfer limit to manage flows over the weekend. You’ll be able to transfer $50k again tomorrow morning or you can contact the Xinjarati to transfer an unlimited amount for you.

The Xinja T’s & C’s clearly state the Pay Anyone limit is $20k per day.

Just wondering why people are able to transfer $50k and why the limit is varied to ‘manage flows’ over the weekend. Surely it would be easier for all if the terms were followed?

@brett suspect it’s hard to manage all the outflows at the moment with the drastic changes to how interest is calculated and the less drastic interest rate reduction. If Xinja has purchased bonds they will be selling them to ensure they have the cash to meet outflows.

Consumers aside it’s a good thing for the business. It simply does not need all those despots with no lending product and as others have said it would take years to hit $500m with $3k personal loans.

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@NeoNerd I’m sure you’re right in that there will be large outflow at the moment, but that’s separate to the point I was making .

The OP is complaining that they’ve made several $50k external transfers during the week, but couldn’t do that on a weekend.

@CaptainXinja is saying Xinja varies the transfer limit on weekends.

My point is that the Xinja terms and conditions specify a maximum $20k daily transfer limit. So why has the OP been able to transfer $50k? And why are Xinja varying the limit on weekends?

Just leave the maximum per day as $20k as per the terms. Everyone understands, nobody complains and Xinja are not deviating from their own terms (which by doing is only going to raise more issues when a customer questions variations on other terms - interest rate for example). Seems common sense to me but what would I know.

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I tend to agree, but for goodness sake don’t drop the max per day to $20k. That is ridiculous. I don’t want to be talking to anyone either, so the fact that I can call someone to arrange a larger amount is of no interest to me. I can BPay $100k a day with ANZ, that should be a benchmark if you want to be taken seriously.


$20k is a fairly standard amount at most banks. It’s a good balance between convenience and security.

I don’t often move more than $20k around so making a phone call to verify my identity isn’t an issue to me to be honest.

Each to their own though :wink:

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@brett - With the changes to the maximum amount in Stashes, perhaps there is some sort of temporary arrangement where people can move larger amounts out??? Surely there is some sort of adaptability built into the system for specific scenarios or on a case by case basis? That seems like a good thing to have.

Just suggesting. I actually don’t know.

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@yogi you’re speculating again :wink:

Pretty sure Xinja would have said that if it was the case.

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@brett - Yeah, bit of speculating on my behalf, lol. The original poster was clearly looking to move at least $200k out of their account/s and that would be annoying over 10 days, so was maybe thinking there was particular circumstance at play. The bank would probably also not divulge individual customer circumstances on a public forum.

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I agree, if Xinja wants deposits they also have to allow usefull transfers. You can put it in, but can’t take it out, I think this sends a message of an issue, a bank problem perhaps?

So,I Agree, the $100k limit should be the standard max as with ANZ.


Here’s a ground-breaking idea for the developers. (Well, not really because most banks already do this)… Let customers decide what their daily withdraw limit is. So by all means set a max, let’s say $100k, but if some aren’t comfortable with that, and I can understand why, then let them have 10 or 20k max.

But… don’t arbitrarily change daily limits because “it’s the weekend” or whatever, because we need to know exactly what you are offering before we sign up.

I am wondering what this bank is all about at the moment, I obviously don’t see the point of difference and things like this (i.e, huge changes in stash policy) don’t help matters.