Debit card to withdraw cash

I tried to use my debit card this morning to get cash out using eftpos was declined soon as i put the card in it gave no options just declined.
I walked across the road to use ATM and again declined.
Thats going on

Hi @Koo and welcome to the Xinja Community!

A lot of merchants only support that cash out via the eftpos network (which we don’t participate in) you can read more about why in this super detailed post

For the ATM attempt, without checking your card and the ATM details, I’m not 100% sure. Is the card working for other, non cash out transactions? If yes, could you be selecting cheque/savings instead of credit?

Otherwise I’d recommend jumping on the :telephone_receiver: or :speech_balloon: with the Xinjarati Monday 8am - 8pm

Did it give you the option to select credit? Or do you mean it gave you no options at all and just spat the card out?