Debit card/travel card

Is the debit card that is on it’s way also the travel card, or is the travel card something different?

There is no ‘travel card’. Never has been.

Xinja previously had a prepaid card which had a fee structure making it attractive for use overseas. It didn’t charge international ATM fees for example.

The new bank account debit card again isn’t a travel card, but has the same benefits as the prepaid card. Essentially it’s a Debit MasterCard for use with your account locally or overseas.

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Not so good in Australia as I got charged $3 at a NAB ATM today - would have been free with my normal bank which I didn’t have on me unfortunately. Apparently it will be fixed in the new year but very expensive for now.

Hi @T_Armer yes - Auspaynet not updating their list apart from quarterly is a pain. It’s not impacting everywhere. NAB and Westpac ARE charging for withdrawals, CBA and ANZ are NOT. We have spoken to Auspaynet about this and there is no way round this from their end.