Deposit minimum?

Deposit minimum of $20, is there a particular reason behind this, it’s a big con for me.

The $20 minimum is for instant top up from another banks debit card only. Probably related to fees Xinja would need to absorb if I’m guessing right. But $20 seems reasonable.

To move a smaller amount you’ll need to transfer from your other bank to your Xinja BSB and Account number. Keep in mind Xinja chose not to include Osko upfront so you’ll be waiting up to 3 days before you see it.

Hey @Dizzy and welcome :ninja_emojis_pink_03: Yes - as Brett says - at the moment this does cost Xinja each time so we set a minimum of $20 but when we deploy NPP this lower limit will disappear. We’re working now on when that will be.

Why is the $20 minimum a con for you? I’d genuinely like to hear more.

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