Does anyone know of any money apps where I can connect my Xinja Account

I have just been looking through a bunch of finance apps but I can’t seem to find any that allow me to connect my Xinja bank account to it. Does anybody know any that can connect or are there no apps that support Xinja.

Hey @lachiec_isme and welcome!

At the moment we don’t have any third party integrations with other finance applications. What kind of apps are you looking to connect your Xinja account with please? I’ll share this feedback with our team :blush:

I’d love to see Money Brilliant be able to connect to my Xinja account.

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A link to Pocketbook would be terrific.


I use moneybrilliant too and have manually connected it, but I have to update my balance manually all the time.

Since Xinja doesnt support “scraping” to show our balance in another App, maybe you could, instead, allow us a facility to show all our assets, on the Xinja platform?? Just wondering. Like the Qantas Money App, but inside Xinja. I think Volt had this facility in their beta. I don’t know if they still have it since I went with Xinja :slight_smile:

I use Frollo which is a free app and while Xinja isn’t yet available, it is on the list and they’ll notify you when it is. It’s a great app that allows you to connect most of your financial institutions (bank accounts, super, broker account) in the one place. It my not be what you’re after but worth a look.

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Hi @Trevor_S and welcome! Thank you for sharing that info :blush:

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Hey @bennie919 and welcome :wave: Thanks for the suggestion! What Qantas offers sounds like account aggregation, which for us would depend on customers’ sharing their credentials with Xinja in order to access other accounts, which we don’t think is a great thing to be asking our customers to do! Further to this, the third party access encryption offered by other neobanks is limited to sharing just statement services. This is because mobile app based banks don’t have an online portal that’s protected by a UserID and password that can be saved for regular access.

Having said that, it’s important for us to be able to provide a way for our customers to readily access their data among multiple services, which is why we’ll focus on delivering this via Open Banking. We are putting in the basics of open banking infrastructure now, but won’t have it available for a while yet (the deadlines for this have been put back by the government although we’re hoping to beat them in some areas) but we do think this is a much better and safer way for customers to share their data across different financial and other service providers.