Do's and dont's in Australia


Well that’s me at the airport and about embark on the journey of a lifetime. A couple of days in Malaysia before I hit the shores of Australia in Perth.

Are there any do’s and dont’s I should be aware of?


@SportyXinja @CaptainXinja @XinjaNinja assemble!

(I wanted an excuse to assemble my xinjas, so thanks man)

What are your do’s and dont’s for Perth?

Mine include:
Don’t drink little fat lamb (do you have that in the UK?)
Don’t go swimming in secluded beaches, there are sharks everywhere
Don’t go hiking off the trail, there are snakes everywhere
Don’t go near streams or creeks, crocodiles kill people like all the time. And they proper eat you, none of this “lost” leg stuff.

Do check out all the small bars and cafes in Perth, its actually kind of like Melbourne in that aspect
Do buy a house, the post-mining boom dip means you can grab a bargain
(if you don’t want to buy a house, at least buy a jetski, lots of miners bought jetskis and now you can get them for like $300)
Do go to Rottnest island. Thank us later
Do hit the wine tours, Perth wine is about 4x better than Hunter valley wine.



  • Speed if you’ve got a rental car, WA is ridiculous for having private sector operators for speed traps. Like epic.
  • Bother being out in the city at night time, there are better places, it’s pretty dead after dark. As @SocialXinja says though, that’s not to say there isn’t night life - you’ll need to find it elsewhere than the CBD
  • Don’t expect surf near the city. You’ll need to go elsewhere


  • Do get down to Margaret River if you can. It’s awesome
  • Fancy a bit of a schlep then head further inland to the Kalgoorlie super pit… bit of a sight to behold really… hard to fathom
  • Definitely get to the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle and sit by the water, have a beer and watch the world go by


Haha yours are better than mine. Great minds about the Perth wine though :wink:


Indeed! Well I hope so I used to be in Mining Oil and Gas ever fancy any kind of refinery tours… :rofl::rofl:


@SocialXinja and @weeksy_j you’ve #nailedit

I really have very little to add to this list…

Watch the sunset over the ocean at either Cottlesloe Beach (hint: there’s a pub across the road. Just sayin’) or Busselton (if you have wheels).

Be alarmed about how beautiful Perth women are. Full disclosure - I’m a Queenslander BUT every woman I’ve ever met from Perth has been a stunner. Must be something in the water.


Agree re: Busselton :heart:️:heart:️


Busso!! Flew there for Rio Tinto in a previous life a lobbyist. Obscenely beautiful place! Busso jetty is like out of a movie.


I am taking all this on board. I hadn’t planned on staying in Perth that long, I may have to change my not very well laid out plans.

I’d been told about speeding, you aussies seem to be shit hot on that. I will refrain from driving altogether.

As for beautiful Perth women I’ll give you my verdict, however I noticed last time the average Australian woman is way more beautiful than the UK woman. It must be something in the water!

That’s enough of me being a pig. :grimacing:


A few places I like in Perth:

Lucky Chan’s
Mechanics Institute
Sneaky Tony’s (rum and whisky, a little hard to find, and you’ll need to check their Facebook for the night’s entry password!)
Lot Twenty
Ellington Jazz Club
Dutch Trading Co (if you like ales)
Frisk. (if you like gin)
Northbridge Brewing Co

These are all mostly food an drink related… Maybe this is why I sometimes have trouble sticking to my budget! :stuck_out_tongue: I could list more but I’m at my stop! :slight_smile:


This will definitely be useful


Busy travelling north up the west coast of Australia. What a country!

Went snorkeling with whale sharks yesterday in Exmouth. Absolutely mind blowing stuff.

Check out my Instagram for pictures of my journey so far.

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Good shout on the Mechanics BTW!