Download monthly or tax statement

Being old school I would like to know how to download a monthly or efy tax statement? Is there a tab/button that will send a csv or pdf to my email etc?

I haven’t seen anything, Dave (I’m also old-school). Hopefully we will be able to download an interest statement at tax time! :wink:

Hello and WELCOME @dave and @Brendi-loo!

  • Go into your app
  • tap ‘view account’ for either main bank account or Stash
  • tap on statements
  • tap on the one you want to see/print/download
  • tap on the forward icon to forward as an attachment somewhere or access save to files function

You can also flick between bank account and stash once you select ‘statements’ in either

Don’t have CSVs yet but it’s in the pipeline along with a few other statement enhancements.

Excellent. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for the fast feedback and help!

Was just trying to find this earlier and found some information that might be helpful here: Xinja Statement info


  • Statements are generated every 6 months (End of June and End of Decemeber); however this can be generated if requested through the Xinja Chat
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