Dumb ways to buy when you're travelling!


So starting this thread on some silly ways of spending money/costs to avoid when you’re on hols…anyone got any others?!

101 - don’t do data roaming without thinking about it!! Checkin’ in on your channels can be v costly! Doh!


Data roaming is $5 a day cost global roaming in most countries on my Voda plan, so I don’t sweat. Voda you say, coverage? I was in Cradle Mountain last week, Telstra only territory, plugged in my Telstra hotspot and my iPhone connected to Voda via VoWIFI, worked just like I was in the middle of Sydney calls in and out, text etc…


Now you are the sensible one @Cavok - I went to Italy once and came back with $1800 worth of data roaming - perhaps this was targeted at dumbos like me :slightly_smiling_face: Just got back and a couple of moneysaving tips this time

  1. If the ATM or terminal ask which account you’d like to use, we suggest selecting ‘credit’ as this will most reliably allow the transaction to go through without extra fees.
  2. If given the option, probably better to pay in the local currency as you usually get a better exchange rate :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


@CaptainXinja Hope you wiggled your way out of the bill. They were ridiculous. In EU they have now formalised cheap/no cost roaming across all EU countries for locals. More importantly they are doing the same for copyrighted materials, so now you can watch Netflix in multiple countries if you get sick of looking at basilicas, whereas in the past you couldn’t watch certain shows in certain countries.


In Indonesia it was cheaper to catch a cab into the city and speak to Qantas directly than make a phone call on a local prepaid mobile… do your research when OS