Equity Crowdfunding


An Australian based bank begining with B and ending Endigo declined my DEBT card payment to a well established US based Equity Crowd Funding site. After a protracted call to their so called “help desk” I was treated like child, told that ASIC has red flagged this company and was asked “Your not buying bitcoin are you”.

So Ok, SOME consumer require protection against obvious scams but can Xinja comment on the truth of this claim that ASIC have some kind of Blacklist and would stop a transaction of this type to a legitimate, well respected foreign company due to the fact that it could not be bothered to jump the hoops to be legally registered for all the financial malarkey that Australian authorities insist on?


Somewhat unironically I used their internet banking website to wire transfer the funds without issue the next day after paying the $30 fee for the pleasure, which took 72 hours to arrive.


Hey there! I’m not 100% sure which blacklist this could be referring to; @CaptainXinja @SportyXinja can either of you shed some light on this situation?


I would think that the more likely culprits are VISA and Mastercard having a blacklist, they are the ones having to cover them selves against chargebacks etc