eStatement File Naming Convention

To all the brilliant hardworking Xinjanites working behind the scene… :ninja_emojis_pink_03: :ninja_emojis_blue_02: :_ninja_emojis_turq_03: :_ninja_emojis_purple_01:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… learn from the mistakes of the big banks…

When you code the PDF file name for eStatements, please use a naming convention that helps your customers manage their files on their computer.

Use something like:


(YYYY-MM-DD being the Date of Issue or the last day that the eStatement covers)

e.g. 2020-05-06_Xinja_0581267235

So the eStatement files are actually listed in a chronological order, for easier searching and referencing.

Your customers will love :heart: you for it!

THANK YOU! :blush:

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PS: If you want to really spoil your customers, you can offer options (of preferred filename convention).
For examples:

  1. YYYY-MM-DD_Xinja_AccNo
  2. Xinja_AccNo_YYYY-MM-DD
  3. Xinja_YYYY-MM-DD_AccNo


I see that Xinja is currently using this e-statement file name convention:

AccNo-BSB-AU 2020-xx-xx 2020-xx-xx PERIODIC_BANK_STATEMENT.pdf.pdf

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Suggestions for improvement:

  1. There is an extra set of .pdf - This is a low-priority bug that the Dev Team needs to fix.
  2. Replace space with _ (underscore). Good industry practice
  3. Replace “PERIODIC_BANK_STATEMENT” with “Xinja-Bank” or “Xinja-Stash” depending on account type. Good industry practice - shorten file name & eliminate redundant info
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Thank you @ContagiousEnthusiasm - this is going straight back to @BBQXinja and the rest of the team…!