Experience with Stake app?

I’m starting to see ads for Stake and am considering opening an account. Does anyone in The Xinja community have any experience with them or have any other suggestions. I’m keen to get some exposure to Tesla, Apple, Amazon etc. thanks


I have used it. You can have a sign up refferal code where a $50 deposot earns you one free stock. Also it is a very easy to use and navigate app for US trading with no brokerage fees. Highly reccommend. My code is:


I’m hardly an expert but I will say that I’m way too apprehensive about the behaviour of Elon Musk to ever invest in Tesla. He is a highly unpredictable individual. I don’t doubt he is intelligent when it comes to technology, but he’s also has these bizarre episodes where he suddenly goes on a rant on a popular podcast or tweets cryptic statements and his share price, and the market indexes his shares are part of, fluctuate as a result.

As I said, I don’t know much and hey, the price of Telsa stock does seem to trend upwards overall but the only true advice I can give you is that it’s a wild ride & not for the faint of heart. If you commit, do so with a view to the long term. Trying to make a quick buck on the share market is no different to chucking your money onto a roulette table.

I find myself wondering whether Elon is really as manic as he seems or whether it’s a carefully crafted character. If it is a character, though, he really committed to it with his child’s name. What an actor.