Failed Cash Withdrawal

I attempted to withdraw $500 from my Xinja Bank account at the BOQ branch ATM at Waterworks Road, Brisbane last saturday morning. The ATM responded with a message that it was unable to process the transaction and that I should withdraw the pink debit card which I did. I did not receive any cash.

On returning home and checking my accounts I find that there is only $1 available in the account and an entry showing a withdrawal of $500. There is another note showing Current Balance of $501.

Today I noticed that $500 has been deducted from my Xinja Bank account with my current balance showing $1. This was subsequent to a chat with Solly this morning where he stated that I could wait up to 24/03/2020 for the failed cash withdrawal of $500 to be refunded.

It should not be possible for Xinja to allow MasterCard to deduct $500 from my account when no cash was paid out by the BOQ ATM in the first place. I shall not be using BOQ ATMs in the future as advised by Solly. In fact, I am reluctant to use the Xinja pink card at all as I am fearful that Xinja’s relationship with MasterCard will do this to me again particularly as it involves ten days loss of interest to MasterCard.

Dolores Hunt

Hiya @DeeDicenHunt and welcome to the Xinja Community :tada:

Ugh how annoying! I’m so sorry you’re down $500 for the next two weeks :moneybag:

When an ATM withdrawal fails the provider (BOQ in this case) will either

  • realise straight away and refund automatically (usually back in your account within 24-48 hours)
  • not realise until the ATM is reconciled (which can be days or even weeks after)

It sounds like yours is the second case, where the ATM provider will also not necessarily know which customer the money belongs to (which is why we lodge an ATM dispute with them after you notify us).

But, we don’t know beforehand that the transaction is going to fail so we can’t block it preemptively. It’s almost never something on our end (unless a card is blocked by fraud etc but then the transaction would decline rather than fail to dispense) Nor is it impacted by our relationship with Mastercard, it’s just one of those bloody annoying things that happens occasionally.

As I can’t check the details of your particular issue, please call :telephone_receiver: or in app chat :speech_balloon: with one of our Xinjarati again to clear up anything you’re unsure about - that’s what they’re there for.

Thanks xinja_blair for your response. Do you endorse Solly’s advice not to use BOQ ATMs? Which ATMs are known to work OK with the Xinja pink card?

It’s good that Xinja has lodged an ATM Dispute with BOQ over this matter.

I’ll just wait and see how it all plays out before drawing any final conclusions.



Not an employee, but I’ve had no issues at CommBank or ANZ ATMs

Hi @DeeDicenHunt, most of the time, most ATMs will be fine but yes, we have experienced quite a few issues with BOQ ATMs.

You should be fine to use any others (although we believe Bendigo Bank and the Westpac Group - St George, Bank of Melbourne etc are still charging atms fees :roll_eyes:). Bear in mind of course that these kind of issues can happen occasionally at any ATM.

Thanks for the help.

I’ll try CBA at The Gap or maybe NAB at Ashgrove once the $500 is returned to me.

Not a problem @DeeDicenHunt, hope everything foes smoothly with ATMs from now :money_with_wings:

Mine failed this morning Eftpos and atm was quiet embarrassing

Hiya @Koo, I’ve responded on your original post hopefully that helps a little, otherwise definitely jump on with our Xinjarati :_ninja_emojis_purple_01:

Had an email from Solly (Xinjarati) that indicated that the ATM Withdrawal Dispute was only lodged with MasterCard on 19/03/2020 - almost a week after the failed cash withdrawal was notified to Xinja. No explanation as to why the delay. It now seems that the dispute procedure could take up to three weeks. “Please allow 14-21 days for the outcome of the dispute to come through - once we receive a response we will be sure to follow up!”.

Hiya @DeeDicenHunt,

The Xinjarati aren’t in over the weekend so I can’t check today, but I will get them to contact you when they’re back in the office tomorrow!